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Vibrant Living
Hello, and welcome to the is issue of the Vibrant Living Newsletter! Every week we offer vibrant health tips for the body, mind and spirit--how to maintain a healthy body, calm and engaged mind, and a vibrant outlook on life.

This week (today, actually) we're excited to announce that our Affiliate Program is now active!  If you have a website, blog, or do any sort of internet publishing, this is an excellent and easy way to make a little extra cash promoting our products. Details on the program are available on our website, and we do hope you'll take advantage of it!

We've also added two new Transformation Enzyme products to the mix, ExcellZyme and BioOmegaZyme.

AND, our talented friend, photographer and world traveler, Lubosh Cech, has offered his beautiful and spiritual greeting cards to us. The theme of the 6-card set is the spiritual life of Nepal. Check them out. They are stunning.

In vibrant health,

Shay Arave, President

enzyme Symptoms of Enzyme Deficiencies

Although you may be eating healthy foods and exercising, other factors can overrun your body's ability to produce a high enough enzyme level to maintain good health. Some of these factors include environmental stressors, such as air or electromagnetic pollution; emotional stress, such as job loss, loss of a loved one, or a chronic relationship conflict; lack of raw foods in the diet; other lifestyle stress, such as frequent business travel, lack of sleep, or job and family demands. All of these conditions either inhibit the body's ability to produce enzymes, or put the body into stress because normal levels of enzymes are being used up and not sufficiently replaced.

Here are some indicators to look for that may point to a enzyme deficiency.  >>> MORE

Never-Fail Methods to Regain Balance and Well-Being

being Theoretical Physicists have made observations about time, concluding that it is speeding up. As the universe expands, time speeds up. Well, for those of us down here on the street, that's a no-brainer. Every year, every month, every week, sometimes seems like a break-neck rush from one crucial task to another. If we can keep--or find--our sense of humor through it all, and gain a moment of perspective, we might realize that even one minute of ceasing all activity, or one minute of disengaging from the worries and frustrations created by our expectations, can mean the difference between misery and well-being.

It is in this spirit of calmly sitting in the eye of the hurricane of our lives that I offer well-tested, scientifically sound techniques you can apply on yourself to reduce pain, eliminate worry, restore equilibrium and bring back that natural state of well-being. I use them daily myself, and have never seen them fail (provided I actually take that one minute and apply them!).

Some of these techniques come from ancient spiritual practices, others from modern research into human physiology. They take a minimum of discipline to perform, and produce nearly immediate results. You don't have to ingest any substance, rub anything on, or smell anything. And, best of all it's free. >>> MORE

Change is good

The great psychologist Abraham Maslow said, "What is necessary to CHANGE a person is to CHANGE his awareness of himself." When you look in the mirror, what do you see? What are you aware of? Is it something to change, or something to make greater? It may not be fear of change itself that keeps us from changing, but fear we may not be able to change.

The only way to find the ableness to change is to set forth, bravely, eyes locked on target, strength mustered, and just START. The start is the most difficult, so once that's accomplished, it's really just a matter of increasing the momentum. It takes all the horsepower of a automobile to get it up to highway speed, yet only a fraction of it to keep it cruising.

The open road... All that being said, take another look in the mirror. Find ONE THING to change, and then DECIDE to change it. That motive power of DECISION is your accelerator pedal. >>> MORE

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