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April, 2004, Portland, Oregon, USA

Dear Readers,

Las Vegas, Nevada During my stay in Las Vegas a few years back, I had the pleasure of visiting a lovely establishment called Simply Divine Botanicals. Located in a city known for its lights, action and entertainment; Simply Divine Botanicals is like a soft piece of heaven where one can go, rest for a moment and breathe in the most luscious fragrances created by owner and alchemist Barbara Rogers.

Over the years Barbara and I have stayed in touch, sharing one another's remedies and concoctions, our movement forward with our businesses, and all the things people have in common when they have the pleasure of owning their own business. I am a good networker and so is Barbara, and we both share in the desire to support others in their creative and spiritual endeavors. Fortunately, our businesses are a perfect conduit for this type of self-expression.

Women belong in business. We have a heart for it, and we know what people want. There is a huge market for all natural and closest-to-the-light products--ones that support our natural state of being, and that are friendly and loving to our planet as well. When I say Barbara's products are "fragrant creations" that is truly what I mean. Her gifts from spirit smell and feel so good you want to spread them on toast and eat it. One of my most favorite is the five-year rose absolute essence, simply divine in your oil diffusers during the day, or anytime. The Crème de Rose skin nourishment is a must have, lovely in the morning on the face, neck and shoulders, a perfect scent for the balance of the day. Perfumes are a no-no in my book--too many chemicals--but the Crème de Rose has a soft and natural scent that last the entire day.

Gypsy Rose Tea is another treat. I use it as a tonic for my skin morning and evening and it is great rinse for your hair. It has raw apple cider vinegar, known for years to be therapeutic for the scalp and hair, making your hair soft and shiny. Visit Barbara's site at www.simplydivinebotanicals.com or give us a call on any of the products. We have tried them all, and they are as the name implies: Simply Divine.

Look forward to our next article in May--another woman in business following her heart, Elina Fedotova. Or, catch up with us at the International Esthetics, Cosmetics and Spa Conference, May 1 to the 3 in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada, where we will be at our booth with Elina and jaunting across town to visit with Barbara as well!

Until next time may all your wishes come true!

In vibrant health,

Shay Arave, President
Pure Energy Rx


Simply Divine...
Simply Divine Store and Spa, Las Vegas, NV Barbara Rogers was a successful entrepreneur with clever product ideas, but when a physical ailment led her to a master herbalist, her transformation began. Devouring knowledge from stacks of books, experimenting with herbal formulas, and deeply inspired by her newfound calling, Barbara realized divine forces were at work within her. Soon, her clients were becoming her partners in what became Simply Divine Botanicals and Spa in Las Vegas. This is her story...


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Thanks for tuning in to this month's newsletter. We hope to hear from you soon!

In vibrant living,

Jan "Shay" Arave
President, Pure Energy Rx
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