March 29, 2012



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From the President...

What is a vibrant life, and why do I want one?

To that I say, hey, it's Spring. Look around! Nature is bursting with vibrancy, life force, and all sorts of energies to flower and fruit and bring beauty to the world. We are a part of Nature. So it is natural to grow, flower and bring out the best of what we've been given.

Living vibrantly means living deeply. Deep down under all the excuses, posing, over-commitment, denial, suffering and escapism of the ego, is a brilliant light of the Self, playing the game for all it's worth, striving to learn how to wake up. By standing in this deepest truth of who we are, it is the highest and best vibration of total living.

The trick is to embrace it all--the beautiful, the sad, the weird, the poignant--seeing everyone as a brilliant, unique light, put there with the specific purpose of just being themselves. A person just being who they are is beyond judgment, beyond discrimination. It is the vibrant light of life shining in their eyes, the tenderness of their hearts, and the courage it takes to live every day in joy and peace.

It is a decision to live life deeply. It's a decision that comes from a commitment to love yourself, love your neighbor and love the world we're in. But it is not the conditional love of the ego, it is the endlessly shining love that, like the sun, shines on everyone equally, nourishing the very best in them, and encouraging them to shine right back.

Once you commit to a vibrant life, you find out you are never alone, and that there is lots of help and support along the way. That is what Pure Energy Rx is all about and why we publish this newsletter. We love and support you living your highest, most vibrant life. The tools and information we offer have worked for us and continue to help thousands of bright, shining souls, who have committed to improve their lives, stand in their truth, and live deeply.

We invite everyone to explore the tools and information offered here as it is always expanding, always caring about your vibrant life. Continue to shine with us!

In vibrant health,

Shay Arave, President

Deep Yoga

Bhava & Laura of Deep Yoga It has been my very great privilege to study yoga under Bhava Ram and Laura Plumb, a husband and wife team teaching through Ginseng Yoga in San Diego, California, and through their website, deepyoga.com.

I was interested in yoga even as a teenager, but never "took the plunge" until Bikram Yoga came into my life 9 years ago. After doing this form of yoga asanas (also known as "hot yoga"), I felt there was something missing, and just took a break from practice. The break lasted over a year, and as fate would have it, I took an apartment about a 15-minute walk from the Ginseng Yoga studio.

The great thing about Deep Yoga is that it is not all about the asanas, or poses. Many of us when referring to yoga immediately think yoga poses is all there is to it. Instead, the ancient science of yoga embraces all facets of living, breathing, thinking (or non-thinking), and human behaviors in a person's journey to self-realization. The goal is to strip away the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual reasons one is separate from their own divinity. For many, it is the true purpose of life--and I must declare I also believe this to be true.

The process of unfoldment during yoga practice (which is all day every day, on and off the yoga mat) can be profound. It is a deep and compassionate purification that clears the senses, sharpens the mind and opens the heart to Who We Really Are.

Vibrant Living Tip: I highly recommend Bhava's books and his meditational music, and Laura's Ayurvedic offerings, as well as the occasional online workshop.

Pure Energy Rx formulas to assist with a yoga practice:

Formula E-1 - Energizes balancing and normalizing in body systems, such as acid-alkaline, blood pressure, water, hormones.

E-3 Energy Cream - If you're new to doing yoga asanas, you are probably going to have sore muscles. E-3 restores the energy meridians interrupted by traumas to the body, whether it's stretching too far, or banging your head, E-3 will bring relief quickly.

(Vibrant) Living By the Light of the Moon

The Moon Book At first, I went along with a couple of friends to this "Moon Class" mentored by renown shaman and divination expert, Beatrex Quntanna, just because I was new in town, and thought it'd be a good idea to meet some people in a group setting. After the first class, however, it was clear there was really something deep and meaningful going on here.

Beatrex is the wonderfully casual and self-effacing creator of these classes, and meeting her was like meeting a familiar old soul. Her humor and her sharp intellect drew me right in, along with the other dozen or so in the group.

Beatrex's modality is to follow the phases of the moon day-by-day in your life, and by being aware of the various energies of the moon phases, much energy and power begins showing up to move you inexorably along your path--whether it be material accomplishments, or, like mine, spiritual revelations.

There is a very detailed and useful manual that goes with the classes, and classes meet every two weeks to follow and meditate on the phases of the moon. Beatrex is an expert astrologer and Tarot card reader, and does readings for everyone at the class based on the archetypal meanings within the moon's position in the zodiac and it's phase.

Every class has added a profound dimension to my life, allowing me to feel much more connected to Nature, our Mother Earth, and the cosmos both universal and within.

Vibrant Living Tip: Visit Beatrex's website, get the workbook, and follow along with the class online via the posted audio files of Beatrex's readings and channelings.

Pure Energy Rx formulas to assist metaphysical study:

Cosmic Eye Gem Elixir - This elixir is designed to help open the mystical Third Eye in meditation practices. It energizes intuition, awareness of Now, and assists memory.

Welcome to Perelandra

Perelandra Referencing the book by C.S. Lewis who visited the Garden of Eden on Venus, this particular Perelandra is right here on planet Earth! Led by the talented intuitive and sensitive, Machaelle Small Wright, the Perelandra project's stated purpose is to make the energy of Nature itself a conscious partner to human activities.

Machaelle says, "Well, here's an interesting idea: How about allowing nature--the intelligence inherent in that nature--to join us in equal partnership to give us the input we need to make new decisions and live in new ways that have a strong, positive impact on our lives and our health as well as the planet?"

How she does this is simply astoundingly profound. I have finally taken the plunge after having heard of Wright's work several years ago. It was, in fact, Beatrex Quntanna's mention of the Perelandra Medical Assistance Program that reminded me to follow up on one of those back-burner intentions I've had. Wow, am I glad I did!

There are two overall parts to the Perelandra Universe: the M.A.P. (Medical Assistance Program), and the soil-less gardens (i.e., business, home, special projects, the creative arts--all "gardens" that do not grow in soil). In both realms, there are specific procedures for consciously calling in Nature itself where you become a one-on-one partner with these energies.

I started with the M.A.P. program which calls upon the forces that actually built your body to please align, repair and harmonize it. What better situation to have than the thing that made your body in the first place--and knows everything about it--as a partner to heal it.

During the sessions, which are done by yourself, alone, I was astounded at the level of communication, the deep embrace of Nature, and the changes I immediately felt going on. To me, Wright's Perelandra work is some of the most significant ecological and humanitarian on the planet, bar none.

Vibrant Living Tip: PLEASE, check the the Perelandra website, at least order the M.A.P. book. There's a ton of stuff offered, so start small so you can really wrap your head around this amazing information.

Featured Subtle Energy Formula - Review

Gem Elixir The Success & Achievement Intelligent Elixir is one of the three Meditation Elixirs that represent synergistic combinations of gem energies to help create very useful states of awareness and brain patterning.

I have been consistently impressed with this Meditation Elixir because its effects are immediate and obvious. I've tested this elixir over a period of three years, and it has never failed to create a charismatic, magnetic, and accomplished energy around me.

It is especially useful in commerce, where personality counts, such as interviewing for a job, running a direct sales operation, and public contact or public performance. It's wonderful for teachers, lecturers, arts performers--musicians, dancers and actors.

In interviewing several people who have been using this elixir, they all report the same thing. The elixir seems to amplify innate confidence, heighten awareness of social body signals, and lower resistance to accomplishing tasks--both in self and in others around you. An adventurous spirit is supported, and leadership is effortless and magnetic.

I personally notice that life seems more supportive while using this elixir, and events flow smoother--or at least my perception of smoothness is heightened. Obstacles seem smaller, and expectations seem less strict.

One Success & Achievement user has said it very well: "I noticed an increase in my creativity; I invented a new type of service having to do with the imagination. Plans for the business idea unfolded to me spontaneously, and I think the elixir provided some kind of chi or subtle energy flow to enhance my creative gifts. I also just moved to Portland, and I was planning to look for work by a systematic effort; but I landed a job instantly without trying after starting this elixir." Verdell D.

Verdell is not alone in this type of experience, so get this elixir, experiment with it, and let me know the experiences you have with it! -- Boyd Martin

As with all subtle energy ionic mineral formulas, 5-10 drops in 4-8 oz. of water or drink, a few times a day is the usual dosage. DISCOUNT ALERT! USE DISCOUNT CODE SA500 TO RECEIVE $5 OFF THIS ELIXIR!

HOT TIP: Also see the Success & Achievement Vital Force Swarovski Crystal--the perfect companion to the elixir.

Website Specials

$15 OFF MEDITATION ELIXIR TRIO These are our most popular gem elixirs--the only elixirs with multiple gemstone frequencies in each one. Cosmic Eye (for energizing the frontal cortex of the brain), Deep Insight (for energizing the heart chakra), and Success & Achievement (for energizing personal charisma), create a powerful set of tools to deepen life experience and assist in manifesting your highest, vibrant life. Use coupon code: MEDITATE15 when you check out through the shopping cart.

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