March 4, 2011


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This time of year has us stretching toward Spring--if for no other reason than to take our minds off the Winter doldrums. We start looking at what needs to be cleared out of the office, the house, the garage; we start doing some garden planning; but most importantly, this is a good time to look at our personal lives and see what needs cleaning up in there.

Boyd and I have both been doing a series of colonics from our wonderful hydrotherapist, Joanie Falconer, of Oasis Colonics, here in Portland. The process stirs up old "mulch," and definitely puts your body through some changes. It's a great metaphor for letting go of toxic thinking, or toxic experiences that have gotten stuck, and are lowering quality of life.

Another exercise good for this time of year is to re-examine our VALUES. Our personal values--ideals, if you will--reflect how we experience life, and without a framework of strong values, it is easy be manipulated by unhealthy influences that can sap the life right out of you. I like to separate values from beliefs, because although many of our beliefs come out of our values, we can also harbor beliefs based only on what others think, or what society dictates--or even what we get infected with from television.

Boyd Martin has written an excellent article this week (see below) about this, but refers to unexamined beliefs as memes, a relatively new term derived from biogenetics to describe how genes pass information on to other genes. Boyd's article also makes a distinction between our values and memes, whereby true values arise from life experience, but memes (which sometimes look like beliefs or values), are unexamined conclusions about life that get passed on from person to person, generation to generation. Upon critical examination, memes fall apart into a pile of assumptions, lies, and faulty conclusions--a valuable tool when determining your core values.

In the spirit of the season, we hereby offer up newly polished values for our company, Pure Energy Rx. These come out of our personal values, of course, just applied to how we think a good, ethical business should run.

  • We only sell products that we personally use because they are effective and are a good value.
  • We treat our customers the way we would want to be treated.
  • We support green programs and efforts within our community.
  • We embrace the concept that everything is consciousness, and to change the thought about a thing changes the thing.
  • We support anyone's right to seek alternative solutions to health and well-being challenges.
  • We believe coming from the heart is the only way to make a better world.
We always look forward to hearing from you, helping you with your questions about our unique products, but most of all because we care.

Until next time...

In vibrant health,

Shay Arave, President


 Memes and Values
A meme is an idea that is also a replicator. Think of it as a word or symbol that causes people to think a certain way, believe a certain thing, or take a specific action. A catchy jingle or slogan is a meme. Awareness of memes is a valuable self-development tool, because so much of a society's culture is transmitted by memes. How a person is "supposed" to act is a meme. Family traditions are memes; political and religious beliefs are usually expressed as memes, or meme complexes, so they can be more easily passed from person to person, group to group, generation to generation. >>>> MORE


Your Morning Wakeup Routine
sleeping Many of us jolt awake to a loud alarm, bolt out of bed, and hurry, hurry, hurry. Right out of the gate, we've put our bodies in a very stressful "flight or flight" condition pumping loads of adrenaline and cortisol through our systems. Research has shown that by gradually awakening in the morning helps with dream recall, greatly reduces morning grogginess, prevents the stress-related blood sugar spike, and prepares the mind and emotions for the day ahead. Consider throwing out that obnoxious buzzer or loud radio, and replacing it with a graduated sound or light device that gently increases frequency and volume over a 10-15 minute period, allowing you a leisurely re-entry to waking consciousness, such as the Zen Alarm Clock or Dawn Simulator. Additionally, once mostly awake but still reposed, try slow, belly breathing for a minute or two, and repeating to yourself, "Normalize, normalize." Once fully awake, start noticing things with your senses--notice the wind blowing, or the smell of coffee, or the purring of your cat. Then, sit up in bed, and observe your attitude about the day. That will allow you to focus on upcoming tasks and priorities for the day ahead. THEN, actually get up. Your day will be MUCH better for it, and so will your body and mind!


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