February 23, 2013
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Vibrant Living Tips

Make Chewing the Most Important Part of Eating

chewing The next time you are eating on the run, or in your car (naughty, naughty), or quickly gulping down that tofu salad during your shortened 20-min. lunch break, remember this: Chewing that food is the most important part of digestion. In fact, it has been found that by mindfully chewing food and being aware of it in the mouth actually improves nutrient absorption and lessens byproducts that otherwise could be harmful. Chewing food: 1. Triggers digestion; 2. Signals your digestive tract to gear up and do its job; 3. Helps to ensure complete digestion; 4. Promotes growth and repair in the body; and, 5. It’s a foundation for disease prevention, since fully masticated and absorbed food reduces toxic byproducts of undigested food that runs down the immune system. Enzymes in saliva specifically digest carbohydrates and starches, and by fully mashing up proteins with your teeth and tongue, you provide a much greater surface area for the stomach acids and other enzymes in the intestinal tract to break down that protein to make it available to the body for its crucial and constant rebuilding and renewal.
VIBRANT LIVING TIP: Use DigestZyme enzyme formula to assist the digestion of the food you eat. Complete digestion is a major key to wellness.

Practicing Mental Silence Now Accepted as Medical Adjunct Treatment

silent meditation One of the most well known yogic treatise is Patanjali’s Yoga Aphorisms. Patanjali was a physician who attempted to synthesise the many disparate texts on yogic discipline (such as the Hathayogapradipika, cited above) into single coherent practical guide for those aspiring to experience higher consciousness and self realisation, it is stated: "By being aware of the silent void moments pervading the emptiness between thoughts, one can glimpse and expand the skill of thought subjugation which leads to transformation." (Messenger, C). There are now several mainstream health care programs which aid those, both sick and healthy, in promoting their inner well-being, especially mindfulness-based programs such as Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR). A 2003 meta-analysis found that mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), which involves continuous awareness of consciousness, without seeking to censor thoughts, concluded that the form of meditation may be broadly useful for individuals attempting to cope with clinical and nonclinical problems. Diagnoses for which MBSR was found to be helpful included chronic pain, fibromyalgia, cancer patients and coronary artery disease. Improvements were noted for both physical and mental health measures.
VIBRANT LIVING TIP: Use Clean Sweep on yourself to clear subconscious stressors distracting during meditation time. Five minutes in the middle of a work day works wonders!

Medical Mainstreaming Meditation

meditating doctor In one of the most thoroughly designed studies of meditation ever published, full-time workers who used Sahaja Yoga (silent) meditation became much less stressed and depressed compared to more conventional approaches to relaxation or even placebo, according to a paper published this week in the online journal "Evidence Based Complementary Medicine", a leading publication in its field. A team of researchers, at Sydney University’s Meditation Research Programme, monitored stress levels of full-time Australian workers in Sydney’s Central Business District to determine the effectiveness of meditation in combating this widespread and expensive problem. The study divided volunteers into three groups. And those who used Sahaja Yoga meditation showed significant reduction in their stress levels compared to those who used other methods of meditation that didn't involve thoughtless awareness, which usually only generate a placebo effect at best. Work stress is described by many experts as a modern epidemic. It costs the Australian economy $15 billion per year and the US economy more than $300 billion. It is a leading cause of absenteeism, causing both mental health problems such as anxiety and physical problems such as heart disease. Sahaja Yoga can now be confidently put forward as a simple, low cost intervention that can help prevent this.
VIBRANT LIVING TIP: Use the Meditation Elixirs. They greatly assist with staying in the present moment, focussing your attention and improving a sense of well-being.

Intuitive Eating

intuitive eating From chronic dieting to emotional eating or bulimia, intuitive eating principles are essential to being able to eat in a balanced and healthy way. Even if you tend to overeat quiet often, intuitive eating can be quite helpful. Intuitive eating is based on one main belief: your body knows better than your mind what’s good for you. If you are hungry and listen to your body carefully, you'll be able to know what your body really needs. Here are a few principles that intuitive eaters respect:

  • Eat when hungry
  • Stop when satisfied (even if you still have food on your plate)
  • Listen carefully to your body's signals
  • Eat only what you really want to eat
  • Eat in a calm environment, without distractions
  • Avoid eating when you're stressed, upset or sad
  • Pay attention to your eating experience, the taste, the texture of your food. Is the experience satisfying?
VIBRANT LIVING TIP: Use the Cosmic Eye Elixir to ramp up your intuition about and sensitivity to the messages your body is sending to you.
Company & Product News

NEW Energy Sprays to Transform Your Space
Primal Elements Sprays We're very excited to be partnering with world renown aromatherapist, Candice Covington, to bring you her latest creations, the Primal Elements and Pure Collection sprays. These are very potent formulas with synergistic blends of essential oils, gem and plant elixirs, specifically formulated to conjure the archetypal energies of each element. The Pure Collection is very purifying, stabilizing and fortifying, these energies that can be used with the Primal Elements to clear spaces, neutralize negative energies and uplift the spirit. Candice is best known for her work at the Chopra Center in California, and is the creator-goddess behind the powerful and exotic Tattvas Oils. Both the Tattvas Oils and Primal Elements Sprays are a potent healing and clearing system that is easy to understand and apply. Check it out!
Autoship Your Enzymes
Autoship As with any change we make in our routines, or habits, there is a "breaking in period" or adjustment period when the body adjusts to these changes. Dr. DiQie Fuller, founder of Transformation Enzymes, says, "After the decision has been made to create changes in lifestyle, our body responds within a 21-day period. For example, when you stop unhealthy habits such as smoking, overeating, or consuming too much sugar. Or when you begin healthy new habits such as exercising, introducing a health care product, or healthy diet changes that pave the way for the healing process to begin. During the second 21-day period, the body begins to balance, adjust to, or accept the changes. In the third 21-day period, the body undergoes transformation. This gives our mind an adequate length of time to adjust to the change and continue healing in a positive and beneficial manner.

"These 21-day increments of response to change or therapy are an established regimen among health care practitioners. Although we may feel better or even worse immediately upon beginning a new program, there is always a period of adjustment while our entire body seeks its comfort zone. Response is heightened in the second segment. In the third segment of 21 days, the condition or problem which prompted us to take action has definitely improved for the better."

We offer a 30- or 60-Day Autoship program. We recommend you take the 7-question Body Type Survey to find out the best enzyme combination for your body type. Most people find that the standard 30-day supply indicated on the enzyme formula bottles is adequate to "get the job done," but others--especially if this becomes family project--prefer to autoship more. The other way to go is with the new DigestZyme Family Size, with twice as many caps per bottle at 30% less per cap, so you can adjust your autoship to 60-Days using that size at the bigger discount. By ordering the autoship option, you receive a 30% discount on all qualifying enzymes, so it's an efficient and affordable way to get your enzymes!

Gem Elixir of the Month

Amethyst Amethyst

Traditionally considered the "Stone of Spirituality and Contentment"

Spiritually: One of the most spiritual of stones, encouraging selflessness and spiritual wisdom. It opens intuition and enhances psychic gifts: excellent for meditation.

Emotionally: Balances out highs and lows, promoting emotional centering. Dispels anger, rage, fear and anxiety; alleviates sadness and grief.

Mentally: Facilitates the decision making process, bringing in common sense and spiritual insights, and putting decisions and insights into practice.

Amethyst Intelligent Elxir is on sale this month for 30% off with discount code AM30 (enter the code in the indicated box as you checkout through the website shopping cart).

Personally, from the president...

Embracing Pain

embracing pain I've had the occasion recently to re-visit through experience the subject of Pain. I've observed that many of us in the energy healing field most often come into the field in search of a resolution to our own pain. We inevitably conclude at some point that while pain, like death, is part of life, it need not be feared or avoided. And that seems to be the explanation of and the resolution to the problem of pain.

I had decided to delve back into Pilates a few weeks ago in order to enhance my yoga practice. It had helped me before (about 10 years ago), so I was hoping for similar results this time. I was not wrong. But, "results" have changed their context since 10 years ago.

Now this is one-on-one Pilates as opposed to a class, so you get the full attention of the Pilates practitioner who then customizes a routine for your particular "situation." Well, my situation includes various misalignments of the pelvis, shortening of the hamstrings, and limited range of motion in my hips and shoulders. Pretty much everything you'd expect from someone who spends a lot of time in front of the computer.

After each session, I'd spend the next four days dealing with stiff, achey muscles and sore joints, way out of proportion, it would seem, to what we were actually doing in the session. This really perplexed me. I began in earnest dosing myself with homeopathics--arnica, rhus tox, ruta gravelens; taking extra magnesium, PureZyme, and of course, liberal use of E-3 Energy Cream. All of these helped and allowed me to avoid the pain becoming debilitating, but they weren't getting me any closer to resolving what this particular set of pain was.

life learning Life seems to be a series of lessons, and reminders about lessons. As you get older, it's more about reminders than the lessons themselves. And this little romp through pain was one of those reminders: Pain is not so much about what is "wrong" but more about what could be "right"--or, better said, pain is about potentials. We all have a "preferred" way to feel, and it pretty much always does NOT include pain. This is an unrealistic expectation, first of all, but mainly it sets you up for a fight. No fight, especially with yourself, is ever going to result in a "winner," so fighting, resisting, ignoring, and all the other lame strategies we employ against something we don't like or want cuts us off from the value of the experience.

Pain teaches us to accept. It teaches us to be patient with process. It teaches us to appreciate the range of experience that is life. And, perhaps most importantly, it teaches us to "embrace with a smile" adversity. Because in the final analysis don't we always come out of adversity "better for it" in one way or another?

Pain is a forge, an invasion of your comfort level that makes you strive for something greater, reach for a new level, or state, and kicks your butt to evolve. Pain requires respect and honor, because if you do not respect or honor your pain, it isn't good for anything.

The irony is that when you accept and honor your pain, it transforms into a greater awareness of its opposite. It resolves into greater range, greater humility, greater compassion, and greater appreciation of the miracle of life. Observe pain in all its glory, observe the body's reactions, observe emotional responses, observe how it so effectively conjures fears. Then, let it be. Let it transform you. Let it be the reason for a greater future self. Let pain be a welcomed agent to a new world.

ancestors As I processed through in this way, I got flashes of the pain of my ancestors--past life pictures, and visions of events from people I don't even know. And as this continued, I saw how I was changing, and how I was beginning to embody the resolution of the pain, and how the transformation to a new self was unfolding.

Modern Western culture trains us away from "just being" into "just doing". It also trains us to identify with our bodies and our identity in society. Both of these trainings block the ability to accept and honor pain, in the same way Western society does not accept or honor death. To accept and honor our pain requires us to: 1) Be with the pain without reaction or judgement, and 2) Observe and allow what the pain is doing; what it is communicating. This takes focus, and with practice, it is every bit as good as aspirin, but with many more far-reaching beneficial effects.

In vibrant health,

Boyd Martin, President


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