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February 19, 2010 RELEASED TWICE MONTHLY Issue No. 129
Dear Friends and Vibrant Readers,

Vita-mix I'm having a great time winding up my raw fooding odyssey, first with a short stay in Optimum Health Institute in San Diego, and a couple of weeks with Emily Razzano of D'ToxToGo (visit her website).

Emily is an expert operator of the Vita-Mix and de-hydrator, conjuring up fabulous combinations of raw food that nourish and cleanse every process and organ of the body. She has been a real inspiration. I can't wait to get home to my own Vita-Mix and start stirring up some fun in the kitchen!

After a couple of weeks of unseasonably cool and wet weather (I might as well have been home in Portland), San Diego is once again spring-like and energizing. I've been doing a combination of walking and fasting with raw juices, and when I do eat, it's with Emily's knowledgeable guidance.

Last week we took a field trip the Chopra Center, visiting Portland expatriots, Candice and Charles, who are now on staff there. Candice is working on a line of aromatherapy formulas, and Charles is the Center's IT director. The Center is just absolutely lovely, with beautiful decor and landscapes.

While I've been gone, Boyd continues his spiritual quests
doing sessions with Portland shaman, Rosemary Beam.
He has been reporting remarkable experiences, and says he's
all fixed now. Good. I've done work with Rosemary myself, and
I can say she's the real deal.

As spring greens this hemisphere of our wondrous globe, I give
thanks hourly for all the tremendous gifts there are to receive.
It is a truly abundant life!

Until next time...

In vibrant health,

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Shay Arave
Pure Energy Rx


"A man too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools." --Old Spanish Proverb

The Boss Staff writer, Boyd Martin, celebrates change with this popular article from past issues of Vibrant Living. Accompanied by Bruce Springsteen, Boyd weighs in, "The only way to find the ableness to change is to set forth, bravely, eyes locked on target, strength mustered, and just START. The start is the most difficult, so once that's accomplished, it's really just a matter of increasing the momentum. It takes all the horsepower of a automobile to get it up to highway speed, yet only a fraction of it to keep it cruising..." ARTICLE

Anxiety Zappers: 7 Ways to Calm Down Fast
(inspired by BeliefNet)
calm down Sometimes life seems to be one steady stream of "incoming rounds," with so many responsibilities, stressors, and relationships constantly demanding attention. Between crying babies, yelling children, dogs barking, debt collectors on the phone, and the TV blaring, for your own health and well being it's time to ZAP those anxieties. If you can't calm yourself, you can't calm others, and without some CALM, bad things start happening in your body.

Here are seven ways to get to calm. Treat them as the highest priorities when your life starts to explode...

  1. Walk Away - Know your triggers. If a conversation about global warming, consumerism, or the trash crisis in the U.S. is overwhelming you, or a screaming match at a Toys R Us is driving you up a wall, simply excuse yourself, and walk away.
  2. Close Your Eyes - Make the world go away by shutting the eyelids. It stops one of primary sources of stressful incoming information. Observe instant calming as a result (of course, not recommended during driving).
  3. Find Some Solitude - Even in a crowded room, mall or park, there is usually a good timeout spot somewhere nearby. It is usually only necessary to get out of sight or hearing range of the nearest crowd member, or stressor (or both). More generally, daily private time has been shown to be one of the best inducers of general well-being.
  5. Go Outside - You can walk away and find solitude inside, but if both of those can be done outside, then do it (weather permitting). A brief encounter with Mother Nature can melt away the most pressing stress.
  6. Find Some Water - Water is a very effective de-stressor (unless you're drowning, of course). Drink a glass during times of stress and you may find out you were actually just thirsty! Bathe in it (with bubbles), go outside and find a body of it. Or, just go find a river, pond, lake, or the ocean, and let those worries float away.
  7. Breathe Deeply - Stress usually causes us to stop breathing. This lowers oxygen to the brain, and increases the acidity of the blood, which amplifies stress. Slow, deep breathing cures this immediately. Take 3-5 counts to breathe in, the same to breathe out. Instant calm.
  8. Listen to Music - So many scientific studies back this up. Make a "chill" CD with music you know relaxes you. Grab the iPod or head for the entertainment center and immerse yourself.
Try planning a day walking on the beach, listening to music in solitude, breathing the cool, fresh air. Close your eyes and let it all go... Enjoy!

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