January 12, 2013
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Vibrant Living Tips

Rule Out Dehydration Before Seeing a Professional

thirsty hydration "Chronic pains of the body which cannot easily be explained as injury or infection, should first and foremost be interpreted as signals of chronic water shortage in the area where the pain is registered. These pain signals should first be considered and excluded as primary indicators for dehydration of the body before any other complicated procedures are forced on the patient." --Dr F Batmanghelidj COMMENT: Staying hydrated, especially during the colder months, takes attention and action. There are many ways of being thirsty without experiencing the sensation of thirst. In fact, some practitioners say that if you get to thirsty, you're already significantly dehydrated. Make sure to drink enough pure water (not distilled as that leeches electrolytes) to turn your urine pale yellow. Hydration happens most efficiently by drinking slowly over time. Take a swallow every 10 minutes, for example. Drinking a quart of water all at once is just going to get passed through to the bladder, giving you a false-positive that you are hydrated. True hydration takes time--anywhere from 12 hours to several days depending on the severity. So, drink up!
VIBRANT LIVING TIP: Use Formula E-1 in the water you drink. It will more quickly balance the water usage throughout your body.

Deciding to be Happy

happiness You're heard the statement that "Happiness is a Choice" that's been floating around for a while now. Well, it turns out that it actually is, per clinical research. It's the old "glass half-full, glass half-empty" choice that has developed into an entirely new branch of psychology, called positive psychology. In positive psychology, they are finding that when certain decisions about one's self and one's activities are made, happiness is created. Included among the areas of research: Creating Positive Emotion (including the common notion of happiness), Engagement or Flow, Positive Relationships, Meaning and Purpose, and Accomplishment. All of these can be created by decision. Have too many negative people in your life? Sever the connection or create a strong boundary in favor of interacting with positive people. Is over-expectation devaluing your accomplishments? It's a simple matter of adjusting your expectations to fit more realistic outcomes. Seeing the perfection of life by taking a wider "big picture" view is also a matter of choice. Yes, it takes some discipline to create these habits, but isn't it worth it?
VIBRANT LIVING TIP: Use Clean Sweep on yourself. It will literally spray away unconscious negative emotions distracting you from making those positive decisions.

Health from the Placebo Effect

placebo Dr. Lissa Rankin explains that for over 50 years the medical establishment have been proving that a mind filled with peace and happiness and love can heal the body. A database compiled by the Institute of Noetic Sciences holds 3,500 case studies in the medical literature of patients who got better from seemingly incurable illnesses like HIV, cancer and heart disease without the use of drugs and often only through the faith placed in a placebo. Delving deeper into these and other results, it is often the loving care of health practitioners for their patients and their altruistic administration of treatment that forwards healing, not the drugs themselves.
COMMENT: Doctors and other health practitioners control the overall attitudinal approach to a patient's symptoms or conditions. A negative diagnosis, for example, can have profound effects on the health of the diagnosed. Diagnostic medicine itself is highly negative, with anything out of a "normal range" being considered dangerous. With the tremendous pile of statistical information about attitude and health, not to mention the general condescension toward the placebo effect and mind-body connections, it is no wonder our society is getting sicker and sicker.
VIBRANT LIVING TIP: Fear is not your friend when it comes to constant worry. Worrying is one of the worst things for your health. Use the Beryl Intelligent Gem Elixir. It will alleviate unreasonable fears and amplify positive outlooks.

Your Body Language Changes Your Body

body language Body language affects how others see us, but it may also change how we see ourselves. Social psychologist Amy Cuddy shows how "power posing" - standing in a posture of confidence, even when we don't feel confident - can affect testosterone and cortisol levels in the brain, and might even have an impact on our chances for success. Amy Cuddy's research on body language reveals that we can change other people's perceptions - and even our own body chemistry - simply by changing body positions. Watch now
COMMENT: These phenomena have been known in such practices as yoga, Taoism, and the martial arts, but most people do not give it the credit it deserves. Beyond "power posing", find a body posture that expresses, say, Love, or Forgiveness, or Abundance. This is a powerful tool for manifestation, because moving your body into different positions affects the endocrine system, parasympathetic nervous system and a myriad of brain chemicals that have a profound effect on health.
VIBRANT LIVING TIP: Use the Success & Achievement Intelligent Elixir. It will increase your focus, confidence and charisma. Coupled with body posturing, you'll get some serious re-programming going!

Company & Product News

NEW Energy Sprays to Transform Your Space
Primal Elements Sprays We're very excited to be partnering with world renown aromatherapist, Candice Covington, to bring you her latest creations, the Primal Elements and Pure Collection sprays. These are very potent formulas with synergistic blends of essential oils, gem and plant elixirs, specifically formulated to conjure the archetypal energies of each element. The Pure Collection is very purifying, stabilizing and fortifying, these energies that can be used with the Primal Elements to clear spaces, neutralize negative energies and uplift the spirit. Candice is best known for her work at the Chopra Center in California, and is the creator-goddess behind the powerful and exotic Tattvas Oils. Both the Tattvas Oils and Primal Elements Sprays are a potent healing and clearing system that is easy to understand and apply. Check it out!
Autoship Your Enzymes
Autoship As with any change we make in our routines, or habits, there is a "breaking in period" or adjustment period when the body adjusts to these changes. Dr. DiQie Fuller, founder of Transformation Enzymes, says, "After the decision has been made to create changes in lifestyle, our body responds within a 21-day period. For example, when you stop unhealthy habits such as smoking, overeating, or consuming too much sugar. Or when you begin healthy new habits such as exercising, introducing a health care product, or healthy diet changes that pave the way for the healing process to begin. During the second 21-day period, the body begins to balance, adjust to, or accept the changes. In the third 21-day period, the body undergoes transformation. This gives our mind an adequate length of time to adjust to the change and continue healing in a positive and beneficial manner.

"These 21-day increments of response to change or therapy are an established regimen among health care practitioners. Although we may feel better or even worse immediately upon beginning a new program, there is always a period of adjustment while our entire body seeks its comfort zone. Response is heightened in the second segment. In the third segment of 21 days, the condition or problem which prompted us to take action has definitely improved for the better."

She then emphasizes the point that this initial adjustment period puts you on the right track, but without continuing these changes as a lifestyle, the old patterns may show up again, or new negative patterns can get established. With enzyme supplementation, we see it as an ongoing need. Pollution and stress alone can deplete your body of the enzymes it needs to do its job.

We offer a 30- or 60-Day Autoship program. We recommend you take the 7-question Body Type Survey to find out the best enzyme combination for your body type. Most people find that the standard 30-day supply indicated on the enzyme formula bottles is adequate to "get the job done," but others--especially if this becomes family project--prefer to autoship more. The other way to go is with the new DigestZyme Family Size, with twice as many caps per bottle at 30% less per cap, so you can adjust your autoship to 60-Days using that size at the bigger discount. By ordering the autoship option, you receive a 30% discount on all qualifying enzymes, so it's an efficient and affordable way to get your enzymes!

Gem Elixir of the Month

Garnet Garnet

Traditionally known as the "Stone of Regeneration", Garnet is also the traditional stone for January birthdays.

Spiritually: Garnet is thought to stimulate expanded awareness and past life recall. It cleanses and reenergizes the chakras. Balances and stimulates the development and movement of the Kundalini spiritual energy.

Emotionally: Traditionally used to inspire love and devotion. Garnet is thought to dissolves ingrained behavior patterns. Garnet fortifies, activates and strengthens the survival instinct, inspires love and devotion, alleviates emotional disharmony.

Mentally: Garnet is said to help release useless, old, or obsolete ideas.

Physically: May help regenerate the body and stimulate the metabolism. May assist spinal and cellular disorders. May purify and reenergize blood, heart, and lungs, may help regenerate DNA.

Garnet Intelligent Elxir is on sale this month for 25% off with discount code GAR25 (enter the code in the indicated box as you checkout through the website shopping cart).

Personally, from the president...

Why Are We Doing This Incarnation Thing?

snow plow January 9th marked one year since the passing of my life partner, Shay Arave. To honor the day, a good friend took me out for brunch, and because she had only met Shay briefly, I found myself telling the "story of Shay" in my life.

That inevitably led to this classic question my friend asked: "So why do you think we are here? Why do we come here?"

Usually, the existential debate centers more on the Why we exist, rather than the What are we doing by being here. The second question, for me, is more difficult to answer, but in explaining my position I found myself saying things I hadn't said before.

What occurred to me was the phrase, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." From a cosmic perspective you could say, "What kills you makes you stonger." This assumes you have perceived yourself as a spiritual being beyond the physical body and world. If you haven't gotten to that perception yet, I believe you will at some point in your life or lives. It tends to happen when someone close to you dies, or you personally have a near-death experience. Also, I think the concept of one's mortality is usually met with fear and trepidation earlier in life, yet becomes more and more acceptable as we continue our travels through the time space of this planet. Either we get tired and just want it to be over with, or we have some cognition that viscerally demonstrates the limitations of physical form and the promises of total freedom from it.

Well, I digress... As to Why We're Doing This? Back to the "makes you stronger" bit. As I spoke to my friend, I got a clear conceptual picture of me as a spiritual entity plowing through this life, like a snow plow pushes aside chunks of snow and ice to clear the way for others. But this is a special snow plow. The more it plows, and the deeper it goes into the snow, the more power it derives. It's got a special type of expanding engine that runs on snow. The more it runs into, the more fuel and bigger it gets.

Now, it's important to make a distinction on this wintery metaphor: The snow plow is YOU--the spiritual YOU, your soul; the snow is experiences in life; and the road is time. So the more we plow through the experiences of our life, the more powerful and expanded we become. Not only that, because we are all unique, each of us plows our own little section of the Life Road.

snowy road To carry the metaphor further and to finally reach my conclusion: Because we are clearing a path, there are others behind us who now have an easier time traveling down the road. They can choose to take the plowed road and skip along merrily, kicking up snow angels--enjoying the journey. Or, they can choose to plow a new road--their unique road that widens the path for others following.

It looks hard when you first step into that snow plow. The snow is several feet deep and there is no guarantee you won't start plowing and go right over a cliff. And yet, we get into the snow plow anyway, I think because that is what our responsibility is. We have a responsibility as spiritual beings to become more than what we started with--to become greater than the sum of our parts--and perhaps most importantly, to blaze a path for others to find their part of the road to plow.

I used to be threatened by addicts, criminals, the homeless and the starving. Even though I've been homeless and starving, I still would judge them saying that they have a choice to not suffer--they have a choice to make something different happen in their lives. But this was wrong-headed on my part. People with the most difficult lives are plowing the deepest snow, and hence are doing the most work clearing the way for others to follow. They do the most important work: teaching compassion, teaching empathy, inspiring others to do their own work, and first and foremost, teaching us all not to judge. Because through judgement we justify not getting on that snow plow and doing our own work.

Now, I'm not a fan of suffering, but I respect it. And I'm not a fan of unhappiness, as I've learned that it is a choice. But, I would not have come to those ways of thinking without those in the deepest snow.

In vibrant health,

Boyd Martin, President


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