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January 25, 2008 RELEASED EVERY FRIDAY OR SOIssue No. 92

Hello, Vibrant Reader!

ice climber It's been clear and cold here in Western Oregon, unseasonably so on both counts... If it gets down below freezing here at night or below 40 during the day, everyone starts walking around with big overcoats, hunkered down, teeth clenched. I know, we're wimps... Especially when considering how hard the rest of the country is getting slammed this winter.

Although we may be winter wusses here, it still means a lot of time indoors, and a lot of time mulling over plans, visions, and intentions for the new year.

One big one of mine is to get the word out more about the incredible technology of Dr. Yury Kronn bottled up in our E-formulas. I'm still excited about these formulas, and I've been using them for over 10 years. Now we have the Trinity Elixirs, the Chi Bracelets, and Computer Crystal--all super-energized using quantum physics energy principles. Truly amazing.

AND... let's not forget about Transformation ENZYMES. I've been using these products for 8 years, and have been constantly impressed with their potency, effectiveness, and the business ethics of the Transformation Company.

So... that all being said, I've decided to hold a monthly CONTEST! It's an email referral contest, actually. Some of you may have already gotten the contest email from Boyd, but for those of you who haven't, here's a great way to get a $5.00 Coupon for your next purchase. What you do is go to our Refer A Friend webpage, fill in the names and email addresses of friends who might be interested in getting a subscription to this newsletter. For every one of those people who sign up from your referral, we make one entry into the contest. So the more people who signup, the better your chances of winning. Plus, we'll send you a coupon for $5.00 off your next purchase just for referring someone.

The prize? A free Life Energy Super Pack! We're selling these online for $100 ($90/mo. on auto-ship). The person with the most signup referrals each month, gets one.

I remain committed to these unique products, as I feel they truly represent a new paradigm for creating health and wellness. I hope you agree, and will enter the new contest!

Until next week...

In vibrant health,

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Shay Arave
Pure Energy Rx


Center for Natural Alternative Solutions

What you don't know about weight loss can hurt you...

healthy food choices From Dr. Mercola: Low-calorie or low-fat foods may not address your personal issues with weight management at all.

In addition to being highly processed and nearly free of any vital nutrients, these types of foods often contain ingredients that may compromise your health when consumed. Even what you might consider a "healthy"" food, may not be right for your unique Nutritional Type. This is the absolute key to obtaining and maintaining your optimal weight.

Another perilous pitfall for your health lies in your decision to drink diet soda, thinking it's a healthier alternative to regular soda. They are both bad news. Simply eliminating soda from your diet would likely produce tremendously positive results for your body.

Artificially sweetened beverages contain many synthetic and harmful ingredients. Not only that, but the latest research shows very clearly that artificial sweeteners actually cause weight GAIN! Please do your best to replace drinking soda with pure filtered water. >>>> ARTICLE & VIDEO...

Featured articles...

new What is the Hold Up?
Charly Emery Ah, a new clean slate of 12 months. But what will make this year different than last? Our resident Life Coach and Synergy Specialist, Charly Emery breaks down the barriers to success. Could it be fear of failure? Perfectionism? Or just plain laziness? Charly says, "Any time during the calendar year is a great time to implement desired change, however, the new year with its corresponding clean twelve-month slate maximizes the allure of designing new life experiences. For some of us, myself included, getting started can be a difficult part of the process. With such a great opportunity to set the stage for the rewards you want, why do you suppose it's so hard initiating the process of creating them? From working with my clients in private sessions, here are a few reasons I've uncovered for why they've struggled with taking action; see if any of them resonate with you." >>>> MORE

Featured product special...

chakra necklace

Chi Necklaces!

By customer demand, we are now offering our Chi Necklace with special gemstones corresponding to each chakra all together in one necklace. Just perfect for the gem lover, metaphysician, or energy medicine practitioner in your life! Makes a great romantic gift, too for men or women...

Each gem is carefully hand-selected and lovingly hung on a pure silver finding, by our talented craftsman gemstone expert, Rosemary Beam. Each necklace is strung with a thin black leather cord with a fine, sturdy, silver clip-style fastener. $110.00. >>>> MORE INFO

Body, mind, spirit news...

  • New Study: Protein Suppresses Appetite
    CHICAGO (Reuters) - Diets high in protein may be the best way to keep hunger in check, U.S. researchers said on Thursday in a study that offers insight into how diets work. They found that protein does the best job at keeping a hunger hormone in check, while carbohydrates and fats may well deserve their current nasty reputation....
  • Metabolic Syndrome Improved with Nuts
    A number of recent studies have indicated that nuts and berries provide great advantages in averting metabolic syndrome, a cluster of symptoms linked to heightened risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes...
  • "New" preservative process for fruit bars
    The U.S. Department of Agriculture's main research arm, the Agricultural Research Service (ARS), has developed a process for making snack bars that remain "moist and chewy" for up to two years without the use of any artificial preservatives. The bars are preserved by means of dehydration, which makes it difficult for decompositional elements like bacteria, molds or yeasts to reproduce...
  • New Movie About Junk Food: "All Jacked Up"
    An angst-driven portrait of four teenagers who discover the truth about their obsessive, addictive, and emotion-fueled eating habits. All this brought on by their parents, schools, and our abusive food system that profits from them with no regard to their well-being...
  • The Poor get diabetes while The Rich go organic (New Book)
    As a class, lower income people have been well represented in some of the best-covered food stories of our day, particularly hunger, obesity, and diabetes. As these issues have faded in and out of the public's eye over the last 25 years, another food trend was rapidly becoming a national obsession--namely, local and organic...
  • New wave of research on prayer for health
    Arising partly out of religious belief and partly out of frustration with high-tech medicine, millions of prayers cross the lips of patients, family members, and even doctors and nurses each day in America's hospitals and examining rooms....
  • Food Journaling: More Important than you think
    Even professionals can be tricked by hefty portion sizes. When an NYU researcher asked 200 dietitians to estimate the calorie count of four popular restaurant dishes, the experts lowballed the number for each by a whopping 250 to 700 calories...
  • Pedometers cause more walking
    Walking can help people lose weight, especially if they use a pedometer to make sure they are going far enough, U.S. researchers reported on Tuesday. People who added 20 to 40 minutes of walking a day lost a small but steady amount of weight, the team at the University of Michigan found....

Women's Health booklet

By Dr. DicQie Fuller-Looney, Women's Health is a definitive look at the relationship between digestive enzymes and hormones, and how hormonal imbalances in women can be traced back to enzyme deficiencies. This book is a logical, no-nonsense evaluation of the current medical approaches that overlook digestive enzymes as an ultimate solution. Dr. Fuller-Looney makes her case by showing that the symptoms of protein malabsorption are the same as the symptoms of menopause. DOWNLOAD HERE

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"The Missing Piece of the Health Puzzle"
DicQie Fuller, MD
Dr. DicQie Fuller tells her story about the Transformation Enzyme Company.
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Transformation Enzymes
Highest therapeutic dosages available on the market. Enzymes from plant sources, extremely pure and effective.

Gem Elixir
Potentized by Dr. Kronn's powerful subtle energy process, these elixirs really get the job done!
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Chi Bracelets

Chakra Jewelry
With subtle energy-charged gemstones. Many times more potent than plain gemstones. Each of the seven chakras represented. Large photos available.

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