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What is Sound Meditation?

by Aeva Wheet

sacred sound People often ask me, "Aeva, what IS Sound Meditation?" I can only answer from my own perspective and experiences.

To me, Prayer is when you talk to God. And, Meditation is when God speaks back. When I started to research and learn about Meditation, I got so many differing instructions it just got confusing and frustrating. It certainly didn't make for great meditation. There was TM (Transcendental Meditation), Zen Meditation, Essene Meditations, etc. Each teacher told me the rules for their STYLE of Meditation. By the time I got through, all I was doing was repeating the rules in my head. Trust me, no meditation was happening. Trying to Meditate became stressful, not relaxing. I got to the point where I almost gave up on learning to meditate.

Then, I learned of meditation using sound. I knew from my research that the Buddhist Monks use chanting and toning during meditation. I had always found that very relaxing to listen to when I was trying to be "still." I was also reading about something called "Sacred Harp" Music. This was a type of meditation that used vocal sounds to produce ecstatic states.

Then, I went to a Seminar on Vocal Tonation, and I was hooked. The instructors/participants just made sounds--imitating a sort of tuning-fork-type sound with their voices. They explained that "toning" is a natural thing and that no training is necessary. They explained that we are all made up of vibration, and that raising that vibration brings many many benefits--one of which is internal "stillness."

I thought, It can't be THAT simple. But, it is. I have also found that it profoundly raises consiousness when done daily. It relieves stress, and energizes the human electrical field. But, the main thing I like about vocal tonation (or meditation with Sound), is that it is so simple even kids can do it. As a matter of fact, kids LOVE Toning. Toning also provides a level of mental clarity I have never experienced.

I started meditating with Sound in 1987 and have been practicing it, and teaching about it, ever since. I eventually went into the recording studio and created three vocal tonation CDs to help others meditate in this manner. They are not necessarily "easy listening" per se, although many people find them to be very melodic and harmonious.

Aeva Wheet CD Volume 1 is called "Ecstasy is a Frequency," and it is. Volume 2 is entitled "AngelTones." Volume 3 (the one I use during color and sound attunements) is called "Sacred Chants and Tones." These sound meditation and attunement CDs were created to help you attain deeper and deeper states of "Stillness." The best thing about meditating with sound, is that you don't have to think about any rules or techniques--you just sit (or lay, however you're most comfortable) and do it. And, when you concentrate on making the tones, your mind is totally at ease, things become calm inside, and eventually you BECOME the sound.

These CDs were also created to balance the Hue-man hologram (your body), and draw the spirit into alignment with same. The Hue-man body, is a direct reflection of that part of you that is Spiritual in nature. These Spiritual energies are connected to your Hue-man form at the seven chakras. The more in balance your Hue-man form is electrically, the more of your Holy Spirit you can connect with.

When using the Vocal Tonation CDs to align with Spirit, please make the time to do so correctly. It will make a huge difference in the outcome. Unplug the phone, take the dogs out first, and make the time to be able to be still. It is in that STILLNESS that God communicates with you. There is a beautiful Essene prayer that says, "Be Still... and Know that I am God."

Preparing to use the CDs correctly is very easy. Choose a place that is clear of commotion--sort of a "No Strife Zone." Light a white candle, and smudge or incense the room (that clears the space for meditation and/or healing work). Take a few deep breaths (in thru your nose, out thru your mouth, 5 or 6 times). Put the CD on (ear phones work great), and relax. You can sit up, lie down--whatever position you feel the most comfortable in (you want to be comfortable, as the CD is 20 minutes duration).

As the CD plays try and BECOME the SOUND. If you are drawn to vocally tone along with the CD, you will magnify the effects. But, it is NOT necessary to do so. It is the INCREASE IN VIBRATION that is key here. It takes about 30 days of meditating with sound (on a daily basis) for you to see profound changes. But, you will feel the effects the first time you do it.

You can tone with others if you wish. For each person in attendance, the energy present is multiplied by two. If there are two people present, it is the energy of four you are working with. If there are four present, it is the energy of 16, and so forth. Some people feel energized after toning, and some find it a great sleep aide. See what works for you.

I DO NOT recommend using these CDs (or toning) while driving, as they alter your state of consciousness.

Have fun meditating with sound, and remember--you don't need the CDs to do this at home. They are just an adjunct meant to give you an idea of what vocal tonation sounds like, so you can go from there. Again, toning is not a learned thing. It comes from deep inside you and is totally natural. So, find a tone that works for you and use it.

For questions or assistance, please feel free to contact me. I will do my best to assist you in your quest for the conquering of INNER SPACE. Remember, BE THE SOUND!

Aeva Wheet

For 30 years research info on how Color and Sound can be used as healing modalities (and lots more), go to www.AevasDailyBling.com


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