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Practical Applications of Therapeutic Subtle Energy
Compiled by Boyd Martin

Once it was possible to discover the true existence of subtle energy, and discover how it interacts with the physical world, it was now possible to create a device capable of transferring the subtle energies of anything into anything else. Dr. Kronn decided to apply these discoveries to the field of health, since the precedent was already there with existing energy medicine techniques, such as Qi Gong, Acupuncture, and homeopathy.

A sort of computerized "energy gun" was constructed that was able to access and save as information the subtle energy signature of, say, the element Oxygen. The "gun" was then trained on a solution of mineral salts. The minerals were "zapped," and then fed to human subjects. Remarkably, yet not surprisingly, the subjects responded as though they had been given a shot of oxygen, although no extra oxygen had been created or present in the mineral solution.

Many of Dr. Kronn's early experiments were done on plants in order to eliminate the "placebo effect" commonly used to explain false results in human testing. Intensive field trials with horses, dogs and cats have also been conducted, and in every case improvement observed in the animals' conditions. -- Boyd Martin

Dr. Kronn:
Now I would like to mention some experimental results observed with various Vital Force™ formulas. First, I will talk about experiments where the so-called "placebo effect" is not in question.

Experiments with Vital Force Formulas

Seven Year-Old Seed Development after 7 Days in Germination Chamber

Left: Water infused with Li energy pattern -- 73% germination
Right: Control, regular water -- 43% germination

  • The influence of Vital Force™ Formulas infused into water on the germination and growth of wheat, pinto beans and carrot seedlings: compared with the control, energy infused water produced highly significant changes in seedling germination and development with ranges from +77% (enhancement) to -35% (suppression). Results were dependant on the specific energy pattern introduced in the water, and on concentrations required for old and new seeds (Dr. William C. Levengood, Pinelandia BioPhysics Lab, MI).
  • Excitation of the visual cortex in the brain by oils infused with subtle energy patterns formulated for the Bladder acupuncture meridian: When applied to the vision-related point BL67, infused oil activated the occipital lobes as registered by functional MRI similar to the excitation produced by acupuncture needles or ultrasound and reported in [2] (Dr. J.P. Jones, University of California, Irvine). The result suggests that the nature of subtle energy generated by Vital Force Technology is identical to that of the energy referred to as Chi.

  • Revitalization of HeLa cells (cancer cells) subjected to gamma radiation: The Vital Force™ formula "Rejuvenation" infused into liquid trace minerals revived over 80% of radiated cells in comparison with 50% of the cells that survived in control samples. (Dr. Joie P. Jones)
  • Over a period of 1.5 years, Vital Force™ formulas infused into concentrated trace minerals, topical preparations and water have been tested on small animals having various health problems in Dr. Gary Tran's Emergency Animal Clinic in Louisville, KY. Vital Force Formulas in trace minerals in combination with other supplements like Noni Juice, played a significant role in curing serious diseases like Canine Parvoviral Infection, Congestive Heart Failure, Insecticide poisoning with seizures, Hepatic Encephalopathy, Closed Head Injuries, and Chronic Masticatory Myositis, which is conventionally an incurable autoimmune disease. Energy infused topicals were successfully used for pain relief, swelling reduction, and enhancing the healing process in severely injured animals.

    Left: Pre-test; Right: Post-test

  • The effect of Vital Force™ Formulas on the autonomic nervous system in patients with different conditions was measured with the Heart Rate Variability Test on more than 600 patients (Dr. Jeffrey L. Marrongelle, DC, CNN, Pennsylvania). Electro-acupuncture (Dr. Voll method) was used to determine which Vital Force™ formula was appropriate in each particular case.
    1. Positive shifts were observed in most of the Heart Rate Variability (HRV) parameters, particularly in the relationship of the Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) and the Parasympathetic (PSNS) response (see example on the picture above). Positive shifts in heart rate, cardiac response, high frequency and low frequency neurological function, and vascular compliance were observed repeatedly. Improvement in reserve capacity and physical fitness were seen consistently. It needs to be stressed that these changes were often observed very shortly (less than 30 min.) after taking 10-15 drops of energy infused minerals in a glass of water.
    2. Observations on the use of Vital Force™ Formulas over time demonstrate their ability to enhance the biological actions of all other therapeutic modalities.
  • I am sure many of you know about the Five Elements [19] (Fig. 9a,b). This classical diagram of the Five Elements actually states that there are five main kinds of Chi in the Universe, each with distinctively different qualities. Thus, while the Yin-Yang concept determines the difference in the state of Chi movement, the Five Elements define the differences in Chi qualities. The interaction of different elements of Chi can be

    Fig. 9a

    Fig. 9b
    supportive (Fig. 9a) or restrictive (controlling) (Fig. 9b). There are an infinite number of Chi patterns of various subtleties in the Universe; however, all of them can be presented as containing the qualities of the Five Elements in various proportions. The existence of both supportive and controlling qualities in the Five Elemental energies makes possible what we call "Dynamic Balance," a state of balanced movement of energies, named in Chinese Medicine and philosophy as Tai-Chi. This state is considered paramount in achieving true well-being and harmony. "If the energies are circulating correctly, no evil can attack successfully," said the classical book of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Lin Shu.

    When I say that my Vital Force™ Technology (VFT) is able to generate Chi patterns with any of the Five Element properties, people usually ask: how do you know? The answer is: it was confirmed in blind experiments by measuring the effect of energy patterns created for all 12 acupuncture meridians using three different types of computerized electro-acupuncture devices. (The principle of these devices was first developed in Germany by Dr. Voll). Energies flowing through the 12 major acupuncture meridians have different "Elemental" qualities; experiments have shown that each particular meridian was influenced by the energy pattern, created by VFT, with the "Elemental" quality exactly corresponding to the "Elemental" quality of the meridian.

    In addition to the Five Element properties of energy patterns generated by my equipment I found a way to reproduce the energetic blueprint of any of the Elements of the Periodic Table, which is the base of all substances in our physical world. These two features make it possible to create subtle energy patterns targeted for specific biological functions whether physiological or psychological.

    On top of this: since any generator can also work as an amplifier, my equipment is able to reproduce the energetic blueprint of any substance, including herbs and essential oils. And, of course, the equipment can tremendously amplify the energetic blueprints. As they are produced, these formulas can be stored by a special part of the equipment and amplified again when needed.

    We call all these patterns Vital Force™ Formulas. How can we deliver these energy formulas to people? Experimentation has shown that Vital Force™ Formulas can be infused into organic substances including herbs, essential oils and into inorganic concentrated trace minerals, which hold this energy for years.

    An example of the kind of enhancement produced by Vital Force™ formulas is presented in the report from a group of health practitioners including two MD's who observed significant improvement in two patients with Lyme Disease using Tetracyclic Oxindole Alkaloid free "Cat's Claw" infused with Vital Force™ energy patterns. After using energy infused "Cats Claw" for 3 months both patients tested negatively for Lyme Disease in Immunoglobulin M and G and Western Blot tests. Patients previously treated with the same type of "Cat's Claw" without the energy infusion did not experience improvement in their conditions.

    I would like to mention one more way of exploring the synergistic effect of herbal remedies and energetic formulas. Some Vital Force™ formulas don't have an analogy in nature; they are created experimentally using the rules of ancient medicines. For instance, we have the Stress Relief formula in concentrated trace minerals. Drinking 10 drops of this formula in a glass of water usually takes away anxiety in minutes. When about 3% of a Magnolia tincture is added, it works for depression and when you add 3% Jujube, it works for improving sleep.

    How well does it work? Dr. Steven Davis from Redding, CA, reported that all 7 of his patients with insomnia began to sleep normally after using "Jujube Sleep Aid" for a few days.

    One more example: when the Stress Relief energy patterns are infused in MSM cream (E-3), the cream acquires significant new properties: it relieves the pain of soft tissue traumas in minutes, prevents or significantly diminishes bruising and swelling and accelerates healing.

    Why do remedies work significantly better and faster when enhanced with subtle energy?

    There are at least two reasons that can be suggested.

    1. On a systemic level, infused subtle energy directly enhances the functioning of the energetic system of the body. The energetic system, in turn, regulates the Autonomic Nervous System, including the Parasympathetic part of it, which is responsible for 99% of all functions of the body, such as heartbeat, digestion, breathing, excretion etc. The connection between the body's energy system, the ANS, and the organs of the body was very well researched and published with details by subtle energy researchers like Leadbeater [8], Dr. Motoyama [4], Dr. Sankey [9], Reid [19].
    2. On the cellular level: cells have receptors that are responsible for detecting signals from a remedy's molecules to distinguish which molecule the cell needs to absorb. Energetically weak transmitters or receivers can prevent cells from effective absorption and assimilation. Obviously, the better the information encrypted in the energy pattern and the stronger the energetic signal of the (remedy) molecule, the better the cell will recognize it. Thus, energetic patterns work in two ways: they stimulate the Autonomic Nervous System, and they improve the communication of the therapeutic remedy with the cells, thereby enhancing the process of assimilation and absorption. That is why 3% of Jujube in the Stress Relief energy pattern works better than 100% Jujube without the energy infusion.
    So some energies can be combined together exactly like the Chinese are doing with herbs. If you find the right combinations, it enhances or broadens the spectrum of the effect and so on. For instance, Balance (E-1) and Tranquility are energetic blueprints from the Table of Periodic Elements, and they can be combined with, say, Stress Relief (E-1), and Indium and Lithium. Now, Clear Mind, Foundation (E-4) and Harmony we use for many psychological situations, and they are made according to the principles of traditional Chinese and Indian medicine. Roughly speaking, it is some of these elemental energies of fire, wood, and a certain frequency level which is combined together in certain proportions according to the recommendations of Chinese medicine. These combinations work really well for many conditions.

    Pure Energy Rx formulas I'm not a medical doctor, but I want to quote some medical doctors who worked with this. This is Dr. Steven Davis, which I already quoted. He says, "Stress Relief (E-1) is powerful for diffusing in depth stress and fear. Stress Relief really works very well for acute situations, and when combined with other formulas, it can be used also for chronic situations."

    It works, as I said, on improving sleeping patterns. Balance (E-1) influences the pituitary, hypothalamus and all of the hormone production chain. Combined with Stress Relief it improves very well the sleeping pattern. In order to change behavioral and psychological situations, sleep is very important, of course. Our doctors found very good results with improving sleeping patterns before anything else.

    For daytime behaviors, as Dr. Davis continued, "We'll use Clear Mind and Tranquility." Tranquility, as I said, is Lithium energy. Clear Mind is a kind of Chinese formula. It has a very powerful effect in changing the depression cycle of doom and gloom, gray clouds. Clear Mind does just as it says, it clears the mind and helps elevate brain function. These three wonderful remedies, Clear Mind, Stress Relief and Tranquility all have profound effects on different aspects of brain function allowing the brain to energetically reset itself from old patterns."

    This is another doctor, Dr. Jeff Marrongelle, who says, "The Balance (E-1) pattern cascades normal response from the pituitary gland. It basically has a modulating influence on all the hormonal levels of the body."

    I need to say that what the doctors found with the energetic patterns, that very often they create a modulating effect. We have, for instance, the energy of thyroid. We thought we had developed this pattern for enhancing the thyroid function for those who have it under-active. But, it appeared to work on hyper-thyroid the same way as in hypo. It just modulates and balances thyroid functions.

    What was also found is that these energetic patterns enhance practically all medicinal effects including in pharmaceuticals. One of our doctors, who is a veterinarian, says that when he gives Stress Relief (E-1) to cats, he needs half as much anesthesia when doing an operation. He is very glad for Stress Relief because cats are terribly irritated, and sometimes they die from heart attacks, he says. Once he gives them Stress Relief, they just melt away, and are wonderful, very friendly, and he is happy.

    Dr. Jeffrey Marrongelle reports on his experience with autistic children: "Worked unbelievably for autistic kids, also for autistic kids Clear Mind is a big hitter and Stress Relief is huge for them."

    In conclusion I would like to say that in our opinion, Vital Force™ Technology establishes a bridge between traditional Eastern and modern Western medicines. It also provides tools for regulating the body's energy system, which is still a missing component in Western medicine's concept of health.

    [NOTE: Some of the formulas mentioned above are not available for purchase on this website. Please call for information and to order: ORDER LINE - 971-269-7050]


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