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June, 2005   

A conversation with Ray Hunt...
by Boyd Martin Pet Herbalist Ray Hunt

For almost 20 years, Ray Hunt had provided herbal formulas to Health Care Professionals in North America. Ten years ago along with Ivana Verocakova, Ray started an alternative human health clinic in British Columbia. In his circle of friends, one of Ray's "pals," Jeane Manning, matched Ray's fascination with alternative medicine, with her fascination with alternative energy technologies. Jeane had co-authored the book, "Angels Don't Play This HAARP," (with Dr. Nick Begich), and told Ray one day, "You know, Ray, I know this physicist in California who's doing remarkable things with Chi," referring to Dr. Yury Kronn of Energy Tools Subtle Energy technology. "What's 'chi,' Jeane?" asked Ray. Jeane got Ray some articles about it, and Ray began his journey into the nether regions of applied quantum physics.

Around the time of Ray's encounter with Dr. Kronn's work, he met David Calvert, a physicist who had been researching the effects of crystals and pyramids on herbs. "He was having good success with healing people with a wand that was putting out energy through some crystal," says Ray. "Of course, I'm a skeptic, so David sent me five ceramic pyramids that set on a one-foot by one-foot ceramic base." Calvert told Ray to set the configuration up under a wooden table and set his herbs on the table. "The first thing I noticed was that my geraniums bloomed all winter, but I didn't really have any way of knowing if anything was happening with my formulas." During the same time, Ray sent some herbal immune formulas to Dr. Kronn to be processed with his subtle energy technology. "I think it was around 2001, and I was way over my head in what was going on here," admits Ray.

Time passed as Ray worked to process these new experiences, while becoming a partner in a new herb processing plant in Lower Nicola, British Columbia. "It wasn't until a little over a year ago at a dinner party at our new factory, where there was a dentist from Kamloops, BC, who began talking about a Dr. Kronn and Energy Tools," says Ray. "This dentist was using some of Dr. Kronn's formulas in his practice. That's when I said, 'Holy smokes, what did I pass by here?'"

Man's best friend... Although most of Ray's work as an herbalist has been for humans, Ivana, Ray`s partner at their very successful human health clinic, kept asking for herbs for her clients' dogs and cats. "Eventually--I had to hear it about a hundred times--I recognized it as something I should look into," Ray says.

Ray began his research by searching for and finally finding a vet that also knew herbs. "I found one at the Newton Animal Clinic in Surrey, BC, and eventually another vet Clinic in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We gave them the herbs for free, and eventually I we ended up with very precise dosages for small animals. The pet formulas are based on products that health care professionals have been prescribing to their clients for more than 20 years, the difference is the formulas have either no alcohol or 6%, not the 25-50% that you will find in to many of the pet formulas out there. I had access to about 20 years of successful formulas, and so most often we were able to adapt an existing formula to take care of the ailment that the vet was looking to cure."

After lots of clinical testing and experiments with dosages, Ray had his product line ready for market. "I test marketed it in the United States nine years ago from Seattle all the way down to Sacramento in pet stores and feed stores. I was slightly ahead of my time. It's only in the last 18 months that people have really, really turned on to holistic pet medicine," Ray says. "Now, when I go to a dog show, or do a public workshop, they'll be six deep, whereas eight years ago there would only be six. I think they're seeing the same thing in their animals as they've seen in the human conditions where illnesses repeat themselves almost predictably, and consequently they're willing to look at alternatives. I can't say enough about my product line. It does exactly what my veterinarian sheets say. My repeat sales are over 70 percent. Once they've had their animals experience the formulas, they come back."

Ray sold his interest in the human herb business and clinic in order to focus solely on the animals. "I began doing dog shows, which has been quite a revelation to me to experience how people feel about their animals. It's difficult to get humans to accept the philosophy of prevention. We've been taught in North America that we don't try and fix it until it's broken, so there's not much energy going into prevention. But a breeder, or a person that is showing animals, are totally into prevention. Consequently, it feels like I'm at home."

Dog show... Ray has been enjoying a particularly good response to three of his pet formulas from his Purrs 'n Wags product line, re-engineered or "bio-energized" with Dr. Kronn's subtle energy technology. Ray re-named them Holistic Pet Meds and they have been enthusiastically received by pet owners and the pet grooming trade. "These are the first three that I've bio-engineered, as I'm beginning to learn the term--actually made twice as strong using Dr. Kronn's formulas," says Ray. "My customers are just overwhelmed --especially the groomers-- that they can take an herbal product that has enough strength to it to actually relax a dog. So in a very short time I've actually had Best of Shows on my stress products in the dog shows. I will eventually do about nine more products. The next ones will be a blood cleanser, and arthritis support."

In the U.S., most people are used to seeing liquid herbal formulas in a "tincture" format, often with 25-50% alcohol. The alcohol is used to get the medicinal properties out of plants. Ray's products are low-alcohol, low-heat extracts, unique to their manufacturing plant. "Our extracts in some cases would be ten times stronger than a tincture," says Ray. "It's just because of the process they go through." Additionally, Ray believes that alcohol is "not good" for animals.

"When I re-engineered and reformulated the Holistic Pet Med products, I took the alcohol right out," says Ray. "Without question, the bio-engineering that Dr. Kronn does, I don't think there is any limit to it, and that's the exciting part. As we move further into the work that Dr. Kronn is doing, we're going to be able to see what I call miracles. I feel quite fortunate that I'm involved, especially from the pet point of view, because when you deal with humans and their reactions to formulas, there's a lot of the human mind involved in what happened. But with the pets, it's pretty straightforward. It's a better medium for testing results, I believe."

This brings up the human "Placebo Effect" where the belief alone that a medicine is working causes improvement in health. No such effect can exist for animals, so when pet health improves (sometimes dramatically) with bio-energized formulas, there can be no question as to whether or not it is effective. "That really hit home for me, and that is when I began to load up on Dr. Kronn's products for myself and then my friends with chronic illnesses. I never got involved with people's illnesses when I was with the clinic, but I find myself now more than willing to jump in, because my reality is the formulas can't help but work. They absolutely have to work."

Ray is enthused with what is happening with professional pet care. "Fortunately, in the dog business, the people making their own food all seem to be part of this revival of back to nature and herbs. So my role in almost every dog show I go to is empowerment--encouraging people to move forward, ask for more information, and they are."

"The work that Dr. Kronn is doing is so necessary in terms of sustainability of society," declares Ray. "I've done quite a few workshops on sustainable community development. I seem to be attracted to these types of things--I say I'm doing it for my grandkids. Definitely in Canada the medical system is not sustainable, so we will have to come full circle back to the old methods in order to survive."

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