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The Self-Made Health Ranger
by Boyd Martin

Mike Adams - Health Ranger Fed up with his own health crises, Mike Adams began what was to become his life's work. Riddled with obesity, back pain, becoming a prime candidate for diabetes, and having and a well-developed disdain for what his doctors were NOT doing for him, Adams launched himself into over 5,000 hours of research to untangle the truth from the medical and pharmaceutical hype. At times he's downright angry, and virtually shouts from his soap box, but everything Adams writes in his some 1,500 articles and books is based on sound, provable science, and because he's applied everything he discovered to his own body, the guy has street cred.

"When I first began to discover all this information about health, I thought few people would believe what I was telling them. In order to gain credibility, I first had to prove that my own ideas about health were valid. So I decided to put it to the test by transforming my physical body into the healthiest human machine any doctor had ever seen," says Mike. He blasted away 50 pounds, got his LDL cholesterol down to 67, and his resting pulse down to 48. "My back pain disappeared, and I felt absolutely reborn by age 32."

The Health Ranger But he didn't stop there. Mike went to his naturopath to get laboratory tests done on his blood chemistry to scientifically back up his claims. "Any western doctor in the world would pronounce me as being in 'perfect health,'" says Mike.

On fire with his new-found health and energy, Adams donned the persona of the Health Ranger, fighting for people's right to health, Mother Nature and access to truthful information. Here is the mission of the Health Ranger:

  • To educate people around the world on how to achieve and maintain peak human health.
  • To explore, uncover and share the truth about harmful foods and beverages, prescription drugs, medical practices and the dishonest marketing practices that drive these industries.
  • To defend our health freedoms so that present and future generations may have the freedom to choose the healing therapies they desire, whether they be based on energy, nutrition, herbs or any other system of healing.
  • To protect and defend Mother Nature against plunderers and polluters.
  • To help uplift human civilization through the sharing of knowledge, understanding and our innate potential for self transformation.
  • To set an example of outstanding human health, honesty and integrity.
As The Mission unfolded, Adams interviewed some of the greatest living pioneers in alternative medicine, and came to the startling conclusion. "The vast majority of all diseases can be easily prevented and even cured without drugs or surgery. Real cures exist right now for diabetes, cancer, heart disease, depression, osteoporosis, and many other so-called 'diseases.' They are simple, straightforward, and readily available to virtually everyone. I can show any person how to reverse type-2 diabetes in a few weeks, for example. And I can teach anyone how to prevent and avoid every major chronic disease, using strategies that are largely available free of charge."

This, of course, is blasphemy to the medical establishment, but The Health Ranger doesn't care about that. In fact, there is a certain satisfaction in exposing the man behind the curtain of mainstream Western medicine's profit-motivated smoke and mirrors marketing techniques. "Our system of modern medicine thrives on sick people. Drug companies, doctors, surgeons and hospitals are all pocketing a fortune by financially exploiting sickness and disease across our population," insists Mike. "They gain power, money and control by treating sickness, not by making people healthy. And that's why all the talk you hear about health care reform never mentions making people any healthier. It's only about shifting the responsibility of who pays for disease."

Adams partnered up with Truth Publishing and became their main writer, exporting his articles to over a half-million readers hungry for the truth about health. "The truth about health resonates with people," says Adams. "They're tired of being manipulated by drug companies and 'medical experts' who understand nothing about true health and healing. People are tired of being sick and diseased. They're tired of living in pain. And they know there are real solutions--free solutions, or dirt-cheap ones; widely available solutions; natural solutions. The kind of solutions that make you healthier and happier, not depressed and fatigued (like most drugs do). People want to get health information from someone they can truly trust. Someone who isn't selling them diet pills or prescription drugs. Someone who isn't selling out to the first company that comes along dangling a juicy paycheck."

The Health Ranger And to this end, Adams made it a policy to never use his position to profit from any of the products he recommends. "I made a decision early on that as I was sharing this information with the world, I would never compromise my principles and get financially entangled with the companies or products I was discussing," says Mike. "As readers of my work already well know, I don't accept a dime from anybody I write about: no payola, no kickbacks, no commissions, no 'placement fees' or other such nonsense. I just write the truth about these products and let the readers decide."

To support his work as the Health Ranger, Adams' income is created from his book publishing royalties at Truth Publishing. The books Adams has written aren't just about creating and maintaining health, his series of "Real Safety Guides" cover such hot topics as, "Guide to Protecting Your Environment," and "Guide to Beating Cybercrime." Many of his titles are downloadable free of charge as e-books. Hardcover versions are also available.

Nonetheless, Adams runs his enterprise basically as a non-profit endeavor. "There are some things far more important in life than making a buck. And I've been blessed with more than enough money through my entrepreneurial career as the founder and owner of a successful software company," says Mike. "For me, this isn't about money, it's about making a difference. I can no longer stand by and watch the people of the world being exploited and victimized by drug companies and the FDA. I have to stand up and speak the truth about our system of modern medicine: the failure of med schools, the outright corruption of medical journals and medical organizations, and the utter ignorance of modern doctors concerning the true causes of health."

Adams is self-proclaimed extremist, and proud of it, as he readily admits: "As the Health Ranger, I am, without question, a creative extremist. I anger the FDA and other government agencies. I embarrass food and beverage companies by exposing the truth about the harmful ingredients in their foods. I question authority. I expose the ignorance of medical doctors. I take no prescription drugs, I visit no doctors, and I buy no popular food or personal care products. Compared to the average disease-ridden, brainwashed consumer in our society, these are extreme positions."

The Health Ranger Mike has codified his "extreme positions" in what he calls "Health Ranger Habits"...

  • Absolutely no prescription drugs or pharmaceuticals whatsoever.
  • No visits to M.D.s or western medical doctors (visiting naturopathic physicians only).
  • No following the USDA's ridiculous Food Guide Pyramid.
  • No steroids, andro supplements or other questionable bodybuilding supplements.
  • No diet pills, stimulants or fat burning pills.
  • No fad dieting.
If just these simple protocols were adopted as mainstream public behaviors, a massive shift in the quality and access to health care would surely happen. And Mike Adams, Health Ranger, would be grinning ear to ear. "I aim to help people make life worth living. My tools are information, passion and integrity. I have no corporate sponsor, no public relations company, no television plugs, no radio show and no million-dollar advertising budget. I have no deal with a fast food joint, no big-shot book publisher, no appearances on Oprah, and no full-page ads in your favorite fitness magazine. But what I do have is honest information, genuine compassion for others, and the intelligence and clarity of mind to reach others by the millions. And right now, I'm imagining a world where people are healthy individuals and happy to be alive. I'm the Health Ranger. This is what I do."

Visit the Health Ranger online at, and his books at Truth Publishing.