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September 23, 2005   

Creating Money Qi with Feng Shui...
by Donna Stellhorn

Donna Stellhorn

Money qi (chi) is the type of energy that can bring us financial opportunities: new job, promotion, payments, investments increases, windfalls, etc. Creating money qi in the house is a simple process but it is one that has to be repeated periodically because its potency. The qi energy in the world constantly shifts and moves. Sometimes it is strong in a certain location and sometimes it is weak, just like the tides ebb and flow. But if the qi energy is weak for a long time then it can affect the prosperity of the people living in that place. Stirring up the qi helps bring money qi as well as other kinds of energy to a desired location.

Step 1: Choosing a Door
You want to bring money that is in the world through a chosen door and into your hands. That means you will be bringing energy from the outside to the inside. So first pick a door. If you choose your ďfrontĒ door (this is defined as the door you would use if the Queen of England or Oprah was coming to visit) then you are looking for new money, or money from new sources. This is the door to choose if you are looking for a new job, new investment, or new business opportunity. If this is the door you use all the time, great, then enhancing this for new money qi will be easy. If this is a door you never use then it is time to put it back into use. If you choose your back or side door then you can enhance it to attract expected money. If you have been waiting for a raise, you are owed money, you want to increase dividends or increase profit on investments then this is the door to choose. Do not choose a door that cannot be seen from the outside. That is, do not choose a door that is inside the garage.

Also in case there is any confusion about the doors. . . front door is the lottery; side or back doors, poker winnings from your regular Wednesday night poker game.

Step 2: Getting Ready to Welcome Money Qi
American Cash Make sure you can open and close the door easily. Use some oil or WD40 on the hinges so it doesnít squeak. Wash down the door with some cleaner and water and dry it thoroughly. Polish the handle so it shines as much as it can. If you have a dried flower wreath that has been up since the last millennium it is time to take it down and donate it or toss it. Dried flowers are a representation of the past and bring us the same energy we have had before. Clean any windows that are in the door or beside the door. A clean window by the door will make it easy for you to see and prepare for the opportunities that are coming. If you are not used to receiving money easily then the opportunities to do so may not be so easy for you to see, especially through a dirty window pane. Sweep the porch and replace the welcome mat if torn, filthy or just plain ugly. We donít want money qi to trip and break its little neck.

Now find three small quartz crystals. They should be single-terminated clear quartz. Single terminated means they have a point on one end and the other end is rough. These can be quite small, even one-half inch long but longer ones can be used. We are going to plant these so they point to the front door like small bolts of energy. We use quartz crystal because quartz is known to accumulate energy, thatís why they are used in radios and watches. We use clear ones because they attract universal energy where colored crystals attract energy associated with that color. Finally we used single-terminated so the energy knows exactly where to go. If we used double-terminated (with a point at both ends the energy would split and go in two directions.

We want to plant these crystals so that the three points aim at the door. We want them planted so that they donít get moved or taken. Planting means to put them just under the grass or just under the dirt. Now where you plant them depends on what the area around your door is like. They can be right next to the door in a flower pot or they can be clear down by the mail box, it doesnít matter, as long as the point to the door.

Money comin' in... After the crystals are planted sit down on your porch or doorstep and for a moment picture yourself receiving money, whether it be check, cash, a letter, a phone call. And while still feeling this joyful feeling go back into the house. For the next week or so watch what happens. You must be aware because sometimes the money comes in forms we are not expecting. One client I had asked for her store to sell for $100,000. Just a few months later she received a check for $100,000 from the sale of some land her in-laws sold. I told her this was the money and she could go ahead and close the store but she insisted that the money was supposed to come from the sale of the store so she stubbornly kept the store open waiting for the buyer. Well the buyer never arrived and the $100,000 was eaten up by rent, advertising and utilities until it was all gone. Moral of the story is money doesnít always come in the form we are expecting so keep an open mind.

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