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The President of Pure Energy Rx, Boyd Martin, received this reading from Candice, and is willing to share it with those who could benefit from the information:

Dear Shay,

I so enjoyed our reading and consultation together. I hope this is just what you are looking for and blessings in the next step of your journey!

Blend One: Queen Holding Court

Vibrational essence of The Empress ~ III

Key Words: Fecundity, abundance, and growth

Brings about the energy of fertility and abundance, a relationship that celebrates one's growth as a woman, creativity that manifests as physical product, whether that is artistic endeavors or wealth. Opens one to the vibration of working through the manure of the past to better fertilize one's life, removing all energy of sterility or deprivation, or upset.

deer Vibrational essence of Deer
"Deer?so gentle and loving you are. The flower of kindness an embrace from afar." --Jaime Sams

Deer opens us to use the power of gentleness to touch the hearts and minds of wounded beings who are trying to keep us as a collective from source, deer teaches us to see both the dark and the light in people and love them as they are--warm and caring this is a centering place of strength for you. This is akin to the energy you were speaking of from the film "The Peaceful Warrior" it helps one love the people who deserve it least and need it most.

Vibrational essence of Armadillo
"Armadillo?. Armor all my boundaries, teach me my shields, and reflect all the hurt, so I will not yield." -- Jaime Sams

Armadillo The vibration of Armadillo helps to set up vibrational boundaries that allow only chosen experiences to be a part of your life. These invisible boundaries become a shield to ward off the things that are undesirable to you. This reflects what you are and what your will is to others on an unconscious level. This helps create the reality of what you are willing to experience and what you want to keep at bay. This supports the deer medicine in that you can love unconditionally in the moment but not take there energy on, also to keep away unbalanced 'vampirism' experiences where individuals take to your detriment, it also safe guards against others ill-will, and that energy just rolls off your back, as you are safe with in the armor of armadillo's protection.

Pettigraine essential oil imbues the gift of discernment, so there can be no hidden agenda of intent or information from another--you can see with owl eyes all you need to know before making a choice.

Hornbeam vibrational essence brings energy, enthusiasm and enjoying life's daily tasks and helps to undo fatigue, and helps one over come stagnation, procrastination and being able to focus on what really matters.

Wild Oat vibrational essence this helps bring about work as an expression of inner calling; outward life which expresses one's true goals and values; work experiences motivated by an inner sense of life purpose helps heal confusion, and indecision about life direction, trying many activities but chronically dissatisfied, lack of commitment or focus.

Tansy vibrational essence helps bring about decisive and goal-oriented, deliberate and purposeful in action, self-directed. Helps to overcome lethargy, procrastination, inability to take strait forward action; habits which undermine or subvert real intention of self.

Basil Basil essential oil is for loving detachment, you are able to come from a 4th chakra space of transcendent love, but not attach to outcome i.e. You worry not about what others do with the information or product you send or advise them on. You keep individuals out of your inner-circle, but at the same time are able to heal through the vibration of true Christ-like love.

Blood Orange essential oil this opens one to seeing their own "God Face" original divine seed of incarnation, and the more we find our own true nature, the less people can hurt or take advantage of us--and we draw into our life the opening and experiences we need to help others and self. Also transcendent joy and happiness!

To use:

Mist self and place of work before you take calls or work on projects--it will seed your intentions and desire and keep you safe wile opening you up to your largest potential, help open doors, and usher in the dawn of your true self and the larger work you need to do in the world not hampered by "small-minded" folk!

Blessing to you on your journey and please let me know how you like the blend and your experience with it!

With affection,


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