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Anonymous inquires:

Dear Miss Candice,

I recently went through a death/rebirth of sorts. I struggled with addiction issues for the last 15-20 years. My addiction led to a rock bottom of theft, forgery, and distribution charges with the state of Utah. In a way, it was the best thing that could have happened. Although I lost every material thing I owned, I found out what really mattered--my family, my children, and my connection with myself and the universe. Since July 13, 2004, I started this new path, which included my going back to school, living on my own, being drug free (a huge first for me); and finding myself, learning to forgive myself, and moving forward. I feel like I have flat-lined or stagnated. I need to find some answers from the universe about the goals of continuing my schooling, my love life, and to find some balance between the past me and the present me. Thank you. --Jane of Provo, UT

Dear Jane,

Forgiving self... Forgiving yourself can be one of the most difficult things you can do. It tends to be much easier to forgive another than to forgive yourself, but this is a critical step in building a firm foundation for personal growth. You must truly believe that you are pardonable and that what has transpired in your life is a divine gift of experience. In forgiveness, the past is not to be forgotten, as there would be a tragic loss of wisdom from your unique experience. Your healing is about the integration of the seeming decay and waste from your past (the raw materials of life, or prima material) into a compost of emotions and experiences, allowing your soul to ruminate, understand, and grow. When you are ready, you then plant the new seeds that you want to cultivate in your life (school, relationships, and so on), and allow all of your dreams to grow in the fertile compost.

This brings me to your feelings of stagnation. Often, when your soul is processing a situation, it is slow going, as there may be much to compost. However, it is important to understand the distinction between being stagnant versus being patient and persistent in allowing something to take root and flourish in your rich soil.

Finally, before you ask for love to be brought into your life, you must fall in love with yourself, but to do so you must see yourself as you truly are. Why are you wonderful? What makes you a unique woman deserving of beauty, happiness and all of your desires? Therefore, I would ask you to diffuse this blend and journal every night on what makes you beautiful, unique and strong, and to paint an inspiring mental portrait of yourself, your quintessence, in your own words.

The recipe I made for you is Ginger Upside Down Swirl, as it is all about flipping perspectives and finding out what makes you toothsome! It calls for a savory batter of Pine, Spruce Needle, Ginger, Juniper Berry, Cajeput, and West Indian Bay essential oils, with gently folded-in flower essences of Scarlet-Monkey Flower and Love-Lies-Bleeding. Place on low heat in an essential oil diffuser and simmer all day! Before we get into the recipe, let me explain the benefits of each ingredient. (Please note the sensitivities listed below.)

Health Benefits

Ginger! Ginger essential oil provides the gifts of inner-warmth, strength, confidence, fortitude, self-empathy, and courage, and is very supportive in all endeavors. He also helps to counter-balance lack of direction, feelings of purposelessness, burnout, confusion on what to do next, fatigue, loneliness, and sadness. Ginger is the key to having the patience and fortitude to learn from your current situation without feeling stuck.

Juniper Berry essential oil is very purifying for the spiritual body, the emotional body, and the physical body. He also brings a sense of sacredness to all events, as he opens us up to the concept of higher law (Crow Medicine), so we truly understand why life events happen and we can glean new insights from our circumstances. This oil also imparts a strong sense of self-worth, peace, vitality, conviction, and stability. Juniper is wonderful because he also opens us up to our inner vision (6th chakra) and divine wisdom (7th chakra), and stimulates higher thought processes. Juniper also counteracts guilt, lack of self-worth, dissatisfaction, emptiness, internal conflict, and defensiveness.

Pine essential oil is irreplaceable as a wounded soul takes steps towards self-forgiveness. He provides acceptance of self and circumstances, deep understanding of 'why', patience with life cycles, and opens one to self-love, acceptance of love from others, perseverance, and being assured. He reverses feelings of regret, guilt, self-blame, dissatisfaction, being self-critical, worried, overly responsible, self-reproach, feelings of unworthiness, exhaustion, masochistic behavior, feelings of shame, feeling rejected, misery, and feeling inadequate.

Cajeput essential oil, on a subtle level, is used to energetically purify and compost old rot and decay of emotion, pain, loss, and fear to create a safe, dry, fertile place to plant new seeds. Cajeput vibrates to the archetype of the Goddess Hecate, who leads one from darkness into light, making the seemingly profane sacred.

Spruce Needle essential oil is a seventh chakra stimulant, and is used for being in a grounded, meditative state, and for being sheltered. He also assists in seeing one's true face, and imparts fortitude and firm self-reliance.

West Indian Bay essential oil's strength is combating addictions of all sorts, from substance addictions to emotional and mental addictions. He also helps one transition smoothly through the death-rebirth cycle.

Scarlet Monkey Flower flower essence, in this case, is for the integration of emotional shadow into self, without feelings of shame, allowing one to proceed in wholeness. Love-Lies-Bleeding flower essence helps us transcend our own pain, moving from a personally isolating place, where we are trapped in our emotions, to a place of understanding the gifts of any situation by seeing the transpersonal meaning in such anguish, and tempering it into wisdom.


West Indian Bay Leaf This blend calls for no base oil, so it should not be applied to the skin. You may add up to 7 drops in the bathtub. Make sure you shut the door so you can breath in all the yummy vapors. West Indian Bay (image) can be a mucous membrane irritant in some people, so always use in moderation and never use during pregnancy or with children. Ginger is not for use with fever or bleeding ulcers. Juniper is not for use with kidney problems, during pregnancy or with children. Spruce needle is not for use during pregnancy or with children. Pine is not for use during pregnancy or with children. Diffusion is safe for most people, even for children or if pregnant. These cautions apply only to bathtub applications. However, if you feel uncomfortable, discontinue use and speak to your doctor.

Ginger Upside Down Swirl

16 drops Ginger essential oil
26 drops Juniper Berry essential oil
26 drops Pine essential oil
26 drops Spruce Needle essential oil
20 drops Cajeput essential oil
26 drops West Indian Bay essential oil
6 drops Scarlet Monkey Flower flower essence
6 drops Love-Lies-Bleeding flower essence


Candlie diffuser 1. Take a clean 0.12 oz bottle (preferably dark glass), remove cap.
2. Add essential oils.
3. Add flower essences.
4. Cap the bottle and roll back and forth 9 times while calling on each plant by name and asking the over-lighting deva (angel or faery) of each plant to guide you as you finish this cycle, master the learning, and usher in the next cycle of fulfillment and growth. (Nine is the number of completion, expansion, mastery, larger cycles of time, fulfillment, and grand design. See The Mayan Oracle by Spilsbury and Bryner for more information).
5. Take an aromatherapy candle diffuser (image), fill the bowl with spring water, and ask the water to amplify the gifts of the plants.
6. Add nine drops of the Ginger Upside Down Swirl blend to the water.
7. Light the tea candle. Flame speaks of soul spark, igniting what is divine in us, burning away the dross (waste matter), to allow us to be left with only our essential self and see clearly what is to be done next.
8. Allow the fragrance to fill your home as you inhale deeply, breathing in all the good and breathing out what you no longer want in your life. Remember to journal every night on what makes you beautiful, unique and strong, and to paint an inspiring mental portrait of yourself, your quintessence, in your own words. Blessings to you on this journey into larger cycles of expansion and knowing thyself!

Bon Appetite!

Miss Candice

Flower P.S. Did you know that flower essences have no fragrance? Instead, they work on a vibrational level, transmitting patterns based on the plants' devic archetypes, correcting patterns of imbalance by encouraging one's whole being to remember perfection. This also means there are no contraindications outside of alcohol sensitivities, as flower essences consist only of water, brandy, and the angelic over-lighting presence of the plant (what makes the plant divine vs. its mundane or earthly gift).

For example on the mundane level, spinach provides a wonderful boost of iron, whereas on the divine level it gives the gift of child-like simplicity. This does not deal with healing the inner-child, but rather takes the complication out of things and allows things to be just as they are, and quiets a monkey mind.

I find flowers essences heal from the divine to the mundane--from spirit to emotions to mental body to soul to physical body--working first with aspects of self that have a light vibration, moving through heavier vibrations. On the other hand, essential oils are made up of active chemical constituents and heal from mundane to the divine--from the physical body to soul to mental body to emotions to spirit. They also hold divine vibration but they tend to work well with the aspects of self that have a dense vibration first, moving from heavy to light. The Upanishads credits the Devas for giving scent to flowers and plants--and that is one of the most beautiful aspects of essential oils, their heavenly fragrance.

Essential oils, because they directly affect the physical body, have contraindications (as given in the Sensitivities section above). For example, on the physical level, Spruce Needle is used for colds, respiratory problems and sinus congestion/infection. This energy is also heating/drying and reduces kapha in the body and increases both vata and pitta. I like the synergy of using both essential oils and flower essences together, as it creates a more complete energy pattern for healing.

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