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Anonymous inquires:

Dear Miss Candice,

I am haunted by career related issues of the past and have been unable to let them go. These are due to mismatches in personality vis--vis a supervisor, not due to any malfeasance or lack of knowledge or skill on my part. So while I mentally know that I am not to blame and should not therefore be carrying negative memories, I keep replaying them in my mind. This is taking away from my joy of life. Some of these mental images are decades old. How do I let these images go forever? --Anonymous

"That which can be seen has no form, and that which cannot be seen has form."
--from the Hannya Shingyo

Dear Anonymous,

I was struck by your phrasing, "haunted by?issues of the past." I believe there is deep truth in the way you chose your words. Negative thought forms can take on a life of their own and cause havoc if not properly cleared. Thought energies, or if they have a shape, thought forms (which I believe you are contending with), can be created by you or someone else, having negative thoughts--for example, anger, fear, frustration, hurt, embarrassment, or highly critical energy, etc. If someone else is thinking these things directly about you, like a mismatched supervisor, then these thought forms are being projected directly at you, and they have the potential to deeply affect you. This may be especially true if you are vulnerable because you are emanating similar energy--such as feelings of unfairness, discontent, anger, shock, being misunderstood, and so on. Those limiting feelings feed and strengthen the outside negative energy. This is what makes it so difficult to let go of the past--as these thought forms are always hanging around to remind you of every painful detail--even if you do know that it is okay.

Rosemary Valerie Ann Worwood, Aromatherapist to the Queen of England, has something very interesting to say about the role of Rosemary in clearing such energy. "Call on Rosemary to help clear out old ghosts and memories from your cupboard, and clean the dark secrets out of your life." Most people can see objects but not vibrations, even though vibration (energy frequency) is the underpinning that makes up all of creation, and these vibrations in turn create what we experience as reality. So what she is suggesting, in essence, is to change the vibration or energy of your "cupboard", or self. This brings to mind a very interesting quote from the American Psychological Association (APA): "A cupboard is a type of cabinet used to store objects and protect them from miasma." What is miasma, you may ask, and why does the APA seemed concerned that your inner "cupboard" be protected from it? Well, miasma means an unwholesome atmosphere.

Samuel Hahnemann, an early scientist in homeopathy, believed that miasma is the underpinning of most diseases known, and that like attracts like "magnetically" (energetically). He illuminated this in one of his texts (note 2 to 11 of Organon):

"A person with dis-ease, communicates it to a near, untouched person, in an invisible manner (dynamically) the dis-ease, in the same way as the magnet communicates to the near needle the magnetic property."

So your "inner cupboard", or what you are made up of, needs to be protected from unwholesome environments, which are, or have been projected energetically at you. This includes clearing away those old magnetic tapes of hurt, hard to explain mismatches, and misunderstandings, that play over and over in your mind. Marshall Brain, who writes for How Things Work, explained magnetic recording of tapes as such:

"The use of oxide a ferromagnetic material, meaning that if you expose it to a magnetic field it is permanently magnetized by the field. That ability gives magnetic tape two of its most appealing features: One you can record anything you want instantly and the tape will remember what you recorded for playing back at any time. Two you can erase the tape and record something else on it anytime you like."

Dr. Edward Bach We are interested in the ability to erase the tape and record something else on it, any time you like. This brings me to Dr. Edward Bach's belief, a British physician and the father of modern flower essences. He felt that disharmony on all levels is brought on by negative emotional and mental states recorded or stored in our being. He firmly believed that flowers and plants have a strong positive impact with toxic emotions like resentment, hurt, fear, feelings of being victimized, and feelings of betrayal, and that plants heal by changing the vibrational pattern inside of you beyond what the mind can control. What a wondrous gift we are offered by the plant kingdom! You can feel with confidence every time you apply a plant remedy, especially if coupled with intent, that you literally can retune your emotional and mental body, soul, and spirit to any harmony you want, and in this case you want peace and joy!

The beauty of this gift is the ease and the precision that the re-attunement can be executed with--as every plant has a specific energetic signature or pattern that you can count on to have the same effect every time you use a specific plant. Once you "crack the code" of their forgotten language, it is as easy as asking for the healing you desire, and truly opening your heart to it, and it is done! This is natural law for the plant kingdom, as this is a part of their symbiotic relationship with us. Part of their dharma for the world is re-attunement of our subtle and energetic bodies. There is a slightly different way it manifests in the physical body, as it is such dense matter, the healing is not as spontaneous, as there is a different set of lessons around that aspect.

The Rig Veda, a sacred East Indian text, that helped birth the Ayurvedic health system, shows the sacred roles of plants and their inherent wisdom they are incarnated with: "Simples (plants), you who have existed for so long, even before the Gods were born; I want to understand your seven hundred secrets! Come, you wise plants, heal this patient for me."

Dr. Bach realized we had lost the secret language of the plants, and how much we had lost and what a void we needed filled. So he gave up his busy practice and moved to the countryside in Wales to ask the simples, or plants, to each teach him their 700 secrets. That number reflects the internal complexity of each plant--and what a multiplicity of gifts each single plant holds on a subtle level!

Back to "what we can see has no form and what we cannot see has form"--this is why you, who can be seen, has no form, because you are energetically always in a state of flux and change--and thank goodness we are made that way! That which cannot be seen has form, which is the consistent, energetic signature of the plants. We can see the exteriors of the plants, but this is not what makes them ensouled and work--and by this unseen means you can recreate the foundation of your own subtle self! So no one ever has to be trapped by the limiting mind.

Using this blend will allow you to keep the past, in the past, releasing the negative cause of discomfort and bring closure, peace, joy, and let you enjoy being in the now! That being said, girls and boys, roll up your sleeves, and pull out a bottle of Blue Lagoon Repose body wash, pour a deep wonderful bath, and lather up that loofa, and scrub the past right off, and watch it go down the drain! Before you slip into the bath though, take a peek at what is powering those bubbles!


White Chestnut White Chestnut vibrational essence will clear worrisome, repetitive thoughts, quiet a chattering mind, and bring a calm, clear mind and deep inner silence. Walnut vibrational essence is infused into this blend to allow freedom from limiting influences, making a healthy transition of a state of mind and the ability to leave past experiences behind you!

Lime essential oil has an interesting trait of being able to sever past cords to negative situations and people, so the hurt will not be kept alive. Imagine energetic cords being umbilical cords feeding your energetic body whatever is on the other side. In this case it is not energy that you want to maintain! So say bye-bye to the energy feed that fuels those negative tapes in your mind!

Lemon Eucalyptus essential oil is for releasing you from the past, and restoring freedom of spirit. This oil illuminates the path of positive change, and also imparts understanding, and enthusiasm for the now, vitality and optimism.

Rosemary essential oil is for banishing those negative thought forms, and to purify your whole being. Once your energy body is purified, rosemary also stabilizes you. Now that the past has been released and left in the past, you need internal resolution, so that sneaky dark energy cannot find any holes to worm back into. And for that? Lavender essential oil will bring resolution from the past, and heal any emotional violence, hurt, shock, anxiety, nightmares, panic, fitful sleep, insecurities or worry from the past, leaving only a harmonious, healed, restored self.

Rosewood/Bois de Rose essential oil provides protection from others' energy and she cleans, repairs, and encloses your aura. She will also rid and protect your body from anxiety and fear.

Yarrow flower essence strengthens the aura and provides inner radiance and stimulates deep healing from within. Yarrow gives the gift of being shielded from outside environments, negative influences and psychic toxicity.

And now for the gift of joy?.

Bergamot essential oil as described by Vivienne Lunny, Aromatherapist: "Bergamot comes into the room, smiling, bright, happy, and in balance, at ease with the world--which enables one to rebalance feelings and emotions."

Bergamot gives the gift of a joyous, refreshed and uplifted nature. She allows one to lay to rest the darkness of helplessness, the frustration of not being able to right a situation, feeling where unjustness was present and forgiving that. She also allows any remaining bitterness around the situation to melt away as if in the afternoon sun.

Blue Lagoon Repose


8 fluid oz of liquid Castile Soap
6 drops White Chestnut vibrational essence
6 drops Walnut vibrational essence
70 drops Lime essential oil
30 drops Lemon Eucalyptus essential oil
52 drops Rosemary essential oil
52 drops Lavender essential oil
72 drops Rosewood essential oil
15 drops Yarrow flower essence
30 drops Bergamot essential oil


1. Take a clean 8 oz. pump bottle and remove the pump.

2. Fill the bottle with liquid Castile soap, which is a non-foaming soap made of nourishing olive oil, leaving some room at the top for the essences and oils.

3. Add the vibrational essences and the essential oils.

4. Cap the bottle, shake thoroughly, and roll back and forth 6 times in your hands.

5. Call on each plant by name--olive oil, white chestnut, walnut, lime, lemon eucalyptus, rosemary, lavender, rosewood, yarrow and bergamot--to come to support you and teach you the gift they each hold. Read each plant's gift (from above), and as you call on them. Visualize their gift and feel it deep in your body. Thank them one by one for their help.

6. Prepare a small dish or bowl with 1 tablespoon of sea salt.

7. Enter your bathroom (bringing the sea salt and your new body wash), close the door, and declare the room a sacred ritual space by turning off the electric lights, lighting the room with 6 white unscented candles, and playing beautiful music. I recommend something purely instrumental that is enchanting and uplifting, like Bach's Air in G, for violin and piano.

8. Draw a bath, adding a dollop of your body wash into the running water as an offering, and ask the over-lighting devas of the plants to come and free you from the past, and to aid your mind, emotions and body in healing, and restore peace and vitality. Stir the water in a figure eight pattern, the infinity symbol, going over in your mind specific things you would like to let go of forever, and ask for white light to infuse your bath water, and to infuse into every cell of your body for a perfect healed, restored self.

9. Slide into the bathtub and wash yourself from head to toe, with the body wash, asking for your energetic, emotional and mental body to be healed, cleared and restored. Then lay back in the warm water.

10. Sprinkle your salt evenly over the water to cleanse any lingering energy, and just lay back and relax for at least 15 minutes, longer if desired.

11. When you are ready, release the water and visualize all of the toxic debris being released and floating down the drain, gone forever. Repeat this process at least once a week, until relief is felt. (You may take a bath up to twice a day if you would like!)


Lime and Bergamot essential oils can cause photosensitivity. Rosemary and Lemon Eucalyptus should not be used with epilepsy, or asthma, and this blend is not suitable for pregnant women or children. As always, if skin sensitivities occur, discontinue use and see your doctor. Blessings to you on your journey into peace--and don't forget to wash behind your ears!

Miss Candice Enlivening Ritual

"The essence of ritual is that something is done in the physical realm that is related to the higher worlds. This may be a simple gesture of the hand or an elaborate ceremony. It can be working consciously in everyday life, so that quite mundane actions become full of meaning, or a carefully designed ritual acted out for specific occasion?Ritual is the mode of formalizing action and giving it not only meaning, but creating a contact with other worlds."--Halevi, School of Kabbalah

Water has the ability to memorize and copy information, and represents feelings, sensitivities, inner-process and cleansing. This is why when you add the dollop of Blue Lagoon Repose into the bath water and then activate it with ritual and intent, your tub is then overflowing with the energy of those plants and white light to create dynamic change. Water can also memorize, amplify and copy sound, infusing your body to the core with healing "sound therapy", so it is vital to include healing music in your bath ritual. The average human body is roughly 70% water, so our own ability to copy, memorize and maintain new energy is remarkable! Keep this in mind as you infuse your self with your blend, step out of the tub, refreshed and literally a new you!

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