Dr. Yury Kronn

with Dr. Yury Kronn

by Boyd Martin, Caretaker Pure Energy Rx

Q. As far as I understand, your unusual technology is based on utilizing energy whose existence is not yet recognized by conventional science. Could you tell us what kind of energy it is? In what way is it different from the well known electromagnetic energy?

A. You know that traditional Chinese medicine and philosophy use the term "Chi" for the energy which, according to them, sustains life in all living organisms. Indians use the term "Prana" for this same universal force. Actually each culture has its own term for this force. My technology is based on equipment that allows access to the world of that mysterious energy. If you wish, it is "Chi" or "Prana" generating equipment. Yes, it is different from electromagnetic energy, which is defined by conventional physics. Electromagnetism is a manifestation of the force field that interacts with the electrically charged particles compromising our physical world.

Chi, or "vital energy", as we call it, is a manifestation of the force field, which interacts, with the substance of what the ancients called the "etheric" world. In my opinion this world is comprised of the particles which modern physics calls "sub-atomic" particles, such as neutrinos and quarks, and the whole zoo of possible "elementary particles".

Q. Are you saying that science do not understand about the existence of this vast world, which supplies us with "vital force"?

A. Science has already encountered that world via astrophysical measurements. It is the so-called world of dark matter. But science doesnít realize that the etheric world, the sub-atomic world and the world of dark matter are all the same world, and that it has itís own force field like our physical world has an electromagnetic force field. Thus, Chi is the electromagnetic of dark matter, as it were.

Scientists already know that the particles of dark matter donít interact with the electromagnetic field. But our scientist have not yet made the next logical step towards understanding the universeís function, and that is that the Chi force field does not interact directly with the particles of our physical world. That is why scientific equipment cannot measure it. That is why the majority of scientists donít believe in the existence of Chi.

Q. If Chi doesnít interact with the particles of our world, how can it affect us?

A. There is another hypothetical way of describing the interaction between these two worlds. Do you remember the expression "GOD creates the world every moment"? I believe it is true, literally. The particles of our world are in a dynamic equilibrium with etheric/subatomic substances. Here is an analogy: imagine water with a whirlpool in it. The whirlpool representing our particles or matter: the water-representing the etheric world. A slight local change of that equilibrium might influence the processes in the world of whirlpools, i.e. our physical world. The force which changes the equilibrium is Chi/Prana.

Q. In other words, Chi/Prana works like a program for changes in our world?

A. That is exactly right. Ancient science says that patterns of Chi/Prana are programs for everything that happens in our world, including the processes in the human body. That is what the giant of ancient wisdom, Lao Tzu said about itÖ"the interwoven energy net influences the lives of individuals human beings, whole societies, and entire racesÖ A virtuous individual who respond to the high, pure, harmonious subtle energy rays and integrates them with the positive elements of his own inner being may strengthen his life, enhance his health and power, and lengthen his years...

Q. Could it be said that with your technology you have found how to manipulate the Chi/Prana force field?

A. Yes. It is done through the relationship of electromagnetic energy and the energy of the subtle world. I donít want to go into theoretical speculations about how it happens. For me the practical applications are much more important. The practical fact is that my equipment is able to generate various subtle energy patterns. Using ancient knowledge, including the so-called "Five Elements Theory" of Chinese medicine, I found how to formulate Chi/Prana patterns for specific purposes. By the way, generated subtle energy exactly follows the rules of the ancient acupuncture Theory of Five Elements.

Q. You say "subtle energy patterns". Would you define what you mean by that?

A. Characteristics of electromagnetic energy patterns are defined by the frequencies forming the pattern, their amplitudes and phase relationships. Patterns of vital energy (or Chi/Prana) have more parameters. The Chinese call them "elements": the basic are so-called wood, fire, water, earth and metal. They actually define how various vital energy patterns influence human body functions. Of course, energy patterns can have any combinations of these qualities in any proportions.

Q. And what do you do with these patterns when your equipment generates them?

A. We print vital energy patterns onto magnetic tapes, infuse them into liquid trace minerals, crystals, oils and creams. Energy patterns can be infused into any substance capable of storing information. These energy infused substances serve as delivery tools of the patterns to the human energy system. We call them "energy tool".

Q. So, we can have subtle energy patterns in our pocket or purse and use them when we need?

A. Yes, this is our purpose, to make them available for people.

Q. About energy imprinted magnetic tapes: could you play them through regular audio equipment?

A. Yes, and energy is emitted through the speakers and the magnetic head. The amount of energy depends on the volume so you can regulate it.

Q. Do you hear any sound?

A. No, unless the energy is mixed with some music. We usually do it on one side of the tape. The other side has pure subtle energy patterns only, without any noticeable electromagnetic component.

Q. Do you fell energy emitting from the tape player?

A. About 50% of people feel it from the first time. Our experience shows that the sensitivity of people to energy patterns varies tremendously. It is not unusual in our demonstrations that part of the audience says "we did not feel anything, could you increase the power?" And another part immediately responds, "oh, please donít do that, it is already too strong!" I need to say that we have not found anybody yet who would not start feeling the energy after one or two weeks working with our tapes and other tools.

Q. Can we say that experiencing energy from a tape is like having a non-invasive acupuncture session?

A. In some sense yes, but it is active non-invasive acupuncture in comparison with regular acupuncture, where needles, like antenna, deliver energy from the equipment to acupuncture meridians, which unfortunately can be pretty much polluted. Besides, energy from the tapes influences all energy structures of the body.

Q. Could you give an example of the properties of some of the energy patterns that you found extraordinarily effective?

A. We found many effective vital energy patterns. One example is the pattern we call "Stress Relief". 10 drops of trace minerals infused with "Stress Relief" in a glass of water, relieves anxiety or agitation in minutes, relaxes tension, helps you sleep well, even for people who have sleeping problems. Imprinted in cream this energy pattern demonstrates really miraculous properties. As a rule, it takes pain away in case of soft tissue damage in less than a minute, it prevents bruising, prevents burns from blistering and it drastically accelerates the healing process.

Q. What other applications of vital energy patterns do you see?

A. They can assist in achieving a better quality of life and be effective in all areas of human activity.

Q. Besides the subjective reports, is it possible to register the effect of vital energy patterns?

A. Yes, depending on the kind of effect we are looking for, it can be registered with a lot of different equipment, like brain mapping, bio-feedback, galvanic skin response, acupuncture meridian measuring devices, etc. Bio-chemical changes caused by energy patterns can also be measured. We observed the stimulation of desirable rhythms in electrical brain activity, drastic changes in the absorption spectrum of water, positive changes in galvanic skin response and the balancing of all acupuncture meridians which was measured with special equipment, first developed by Dr. Voll in Germany and Dr. Motoyama in Japan. Improvements in the functioning of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems under the influence of special energy patterns, some food samples had no noticeable bacteria growth after five months. You could imagine what the applications might be just for non-chemical food preservation.

Q. Having so much evidence of the effect of subtle energy, what is the problem with presenting that evidence to conventional science?

A. In the areas of biology and psychology, where the effect of subtle energy is the most profound, the GOD of modern science is statistics. We donít yet have the network required for accumulating statistical proof, but we have more and more health professionals participating in the research and we hope to find funds and support for that. It takes time. Meanwhile we cannot wait for science to recognize the achievements of Vital Force Technology. We are moving forward in finding and creating new, effective energy patterns.

Q. Could you mention at least one of the interesting directions you plan to take?

A. I believe that human potential is almost unlimited. Among other things, my group is working on energy patterns for stimulating "paranormal abilities" in people. It is possible that these abilities could become normal for a vast number of people.

Q. Do you mean that abilities like telepathy, remote viewing, channeling, etc. can be stimulated by special vital energy patterns in people that never had those abilities?

A. Each of us has a "subtle structure" or subtle body. This subtle structure has the ability to act in the world to which it belongs, and form which substances it is made. Chi/Prana is food for our subtle structure, or subtle body as the ancients called it. Our technically oriented and mechanistic thinking western civilization suppressed this knowledge. We have had a lot of reports about opening psychic abilities after experimenting with Vital Energy patterns.

Q. It sounds like your invention and work opens vast possibilities for the exploration of the unknown, like the invention of electromagnetism opened possibilities nobody had even dreamed about.

A. I would not argue with that statement. I hope that it will be possible to fully realize our human potential and make great improvement in the quality of our live in this stressful age.

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