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Cleansing for Clarity
by Charly Emery

car spirit Last month we explored the power of partnership from a personal perspective. Since we create our own results, the more we align ourselves with the choices and actions that support the manifestation of our desires; the faster our desires become our reality. So what happens when despite your greatest intentions, you realize you have become a little muddled or overwhelmed?

The body is like a vehicle for our spirit; when we get aches and pains, those aches and pains are very important. They are like the warning lights in the engines of our motor vehicles alarming us to the fact that something needs our attention. The louder the warning, the more significant the problem.

You can love life, adopt a great attitude and still find yourself caught up in life's challenges...the difference is in how you choose to address them. Do you want to take the light bulb out of your warning light so you don't have to see that red glow staring you in the face on a daily basis? Or will you choose to examine the mechanics of your inner goings on, making the necessary changes, updates and replacements so the light goes out naturally and your engine is taking you forward smoothly again?

This year has been filled with transformation for me...some of which I was not planning on and had certainly not visualized as a goal. Regardless of adopting the best attitude I could muster, I found myself overwhelmed by some of the more difficult challenges.

Simple everyday stresses often manifest in obvious ways for people. I find that stress goes into my shoulders, hence a good massage and planning session will usually relieve it. However, the deeper issues that build up can be elusive over time until they suddenly scream from inside our bodies through sudden acne, stomach pain, or other illnesses. When there is something I haven't worked out or addressed, it manifests in my digestive system slowly.

If I don't pay enough attention, it will worsen until I am fully aware of the discomfort. Not only will it graduate into more severe discomfort, it can also lead to weight gain, signaling that I must take action. It's not really surprising that something I haven't mentally or emotionally digested will affect my physical digestion system is it? After all, our bodies can be our greatest allies, letting us know whether we are making good fuel choices, and breaking down that which we ingest whether tangible, mental or emotional.

Digestive problems have become the fastest growing health complaint in our society. Think about it: as life becomes more complex and the demands on us increase--it makes sense that we may fall into a pattern of plowing through the fields of difficulty with the intention of "digesting it all." This is exactly where I found myself two weeks ago. I knew I needed to take serious action to clear myself so I could make space for the energy and resources that will yield the positive results I desire to create.

Years ago I read about different cleanses for the body with the same reaction each time; I couldn't imagine not eating food and sought out herbs, supplements and natural foods to help me in my quest for cleansing. While I firmly believe different individuals will respond best to a variety of methods, this summer I found myself reconsidering a fast-oriented type of cleanse.

The results have been fantastic! Regardless of what type of cleanse or dietary change you choose to tune up your engine, the most important step is the one you take before embarking on your cleanse--your intention for the cleanse. If the physical symptoms we experience are more than likely related to our mental/emotional states, then consider the value of meditating before you begin your cleanse to give it a purpose.

For example, since my digestive system was not operating properly, I knew my body was holding on to more as a result, hence bloating and weight gain. By broadening my perspective and using my physical symptoms as a metaphor, I knew that I must have also been retaining emotional/mental residue. Therefore the intention for my cleanse was to let go of all mental, emotional and physical residue that had built up to purposely create optimum space for clarity and the positive aspects I desire to come into my life. Taking the time to establish an intention gave my cleanse process incredible power and effectiveness. Each morning I focused on my goals, re-establishing my purpose which made the cleanse much easier to complete successfully.

There are so many reasons why you may choose to undergo some type of cleanse. The clarity you attain will help you tremendously as you strive to move forward. However, you'd be surprised at what can happen during a cleanse as well.

When I decided to begin my 10 day cleanse, one of my best friends chose to join me for her reasons. As I mentioned earlier, I intended to let go of the residue, which had built up inside of me to make room for wonderful things to manifest; however, I also desired to create a trip for myself. It is my passion to travel, and I was yearning for a fun adventure somewhere outside of Los Angeles.

My friend had similar intentions for her cleanse along with a specific desire to make some changes within her work environment. She had been frustrated with the lack of communication, but as the newest member of the team, felt blocked about how to improve the situation.

Within the first few days of fasting, I felt my sleep patterns improving, which resulted in higher productivity. In addition to obvious changes in my skin, I felt perceived limitations melting away. As we continued the fast, we each spoke about various aspects we desire to create and add to our lives without predicting in what way they may come about.

I began to speak often about the trip I desired, stating I would love to go during Labor Day weekend, while she spoke of wanting to simplify her work environment. I put no limitations on the trip, stating only that I would accept it when it came. Six days into my fast, from out of the blue I received an invitation to go on a trip to Istanbul! I could not have imagined such an amazing trip! Not only am I packing to leave, I am leaving on Labor Day Weekend.

My friend on the other hand, continued to speak of her intention as well; she was able to perceive with whom to communicate. As she gained clarity, the inner voice that had initially made her question her actions, now guided her effortlessly in her conversations. She not only resolved the confusion within her work environment making her job easier, she got a title change and pay increase.

We all have our moments of feeling overwhelmed by our circumstances, challenges and responsibilities; it is our response that determines how long we may feel down for the count. The warning lights that go on in our bodies are gifts because they tell us when something in our system is going awry and needs our attention. Instead of taking out the light bulb out, give yourself a system check so it will go out naturally.

Meditation, a session with a personal coach, an internal cleanse, or other method can be a great way to address your needs and get the tune-up you require. However, regardless of which path you take to achieve your results, remember that the most powerful aspect of the process is clearly identifying your intention. Whether you are cleansing, goal setting, meditating, losing weight or undertaking any other activity, knowing your intention and reminding yourself of it on a daily basis will give your efforts purpose and power!



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