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Letting Go
How To Manifest What You Dream of...Today!

by Charly Emery

Manifesting freedom As the beauty and warmth of summer approaches, are you prepared to embrace it? Are you open and able to receive the gifts this new season possesses? Better yet, how prepared are you to receive the wondrous dreams and goals you seek for your life? Everything is relative, therefore it is the approach you adopt in life that affects the quality of your life and the ability to transform your life at any time. When you bring your positive attitude into the realm of possibility, you are able to receive incredible life enhancing information, inner guidance, perseverance and the agility to walk along the serendipitous series of thin threads, which will wondrously weave the remarkably magical pattern of your life. Are you too full to take in the beauty of life that awaits you? Learning how to let go of that which no longer serves your greatest potential is an invaluable tool in manifesting what you desire and living a joyful life.

As I awoke early this morning, I was kissed by the pervasive streams of sunshine peering at me through my bedroom window blinds, celebrating daylight by dancing lightly upon my skin. As I lay in bed opening my eyes, I let go of yesterday to make as much space as possible to soak up today. Even though I needed to get ready for the gym, I walked to my bedroom window, gently pulled back the blinds and slid the glass open. The sensational scent of summer saturated my senses as I stood looking out into the bright blue sky. The day and I greeted each other sweetly with joint anticipation and excitement for the infinite possibility it held. I stood before the window absorbing its' light and recognizing its' limitless potential. Letting go of yesterday gave me the space to breathe in today.

Overwintering We all experience seasons in our lives. Sometimes our paths, relationships and behaviors dry up much like the autumn leaves, causing an intense flare up within our life experience, like nature's colorful finale before winter sets in. We have spiritual winters as well during which we may mourn what has passed and go within to gain strength and clarity. Our spring allows us to set new goals, plant seeds and choose new paths. Likewise, each aspect of our lives begins to bloom during its' summer giving rise to great celebration. These different seasons are constantly taking place in various areas of life, overlapping one another thus challenging us to grow. One of the most valuable parts of the process is letting go to create space for that which you desire. Can you envision the sight of healthy buds waiting to burst open along tree branches in springtime? The process of trees letting go of their dead leaves creates the space for new buds to grow. Similarly, as we go through our process of identifying what we need to change, we must define what we need to let go of in order to have space for what we desire to add to our lives.

My move to New Mexico years ago forced me to come face to face with the issue of space. My extraordinary desire for healing and peace gave me the courage to drive across the country and build a new life. My spirit soared with every sunrise and danced with every sunset, which allowed me to envision the greatest dreams and possibilities for my life. I wrote them down in my journal as I embarked on my healing process; I assumed that striving for new goals was enough to transform my life. The problem was that while I had identified what I wanted to welcome into my life, I didn't realize I had some things to release in order to create optimum space for my new life to develop. In a simple example, if you need to lose weight you may add a variety of healthy foods to your diet, however if you do not let go of eating the unhealthy foods that created your undesirable condition, there is no space for the physical changes you desire to manifest. Just as our habits affect our results; our core beliefs are central to how we operate in the world. They can develop from childhood experiences/teachings or change according to life experience. What if the beliefs you hold onto are in conflict with that which you desire to manifest?

Release Taking the time to explore what resides within you and how it relates to your goals and dreams will help you determine what you may need to release. My core beliefs told me I was not worthy of all the dreams I was visualizing; it is not surprising I was having difficulty manifesting them. If you wish to transform your relationships into healthy, joyful unions for instance, but you hold onto the belief that anyone you engage with will abandon you, there is no real space for the healthy relationship you dream of to develop. Many people who are hurt in relationships pursue new ones while holding onto all the memories, fears and anger from their past. Do you think there is room for a beautiful relationship to develop within a sea of distrust and fear? Sometimes you may simply need to let go of a habit or behavior while other times you may be required to let go of a deep-seated negative expectation or experience that threatens your ability to be successful in any endeavor. Our excitement and aspiration can fool us into thinking we are fully prepared to receive what we long for when in fact we have not provided real space for it to develop.

There are many ways you can improve your ability to let go. How many times have you been driving down the street when another motorist does something inconsiderate or dangerous causing you to become angry? Are you still angry a half hour later or are you able to let go of the incident emotionally? When something happens that irritates you, make an effort to let go of the experience so it does not continue to encroach upon your mood or your day. If you spill coffee on your blouse in the morning after arriving to work, let go of the fact that it happened as quickly as you can so you can have a good day. These are simple ways to become excellent at letting go of what does not serve your greatest good. The awareness and skill you gain paying attention to everyday incidents and behaviors will help you delve deeper and continue to create ample space within you to manifest a magical life! It feels fantastic to set new goals and believe you deserve them. Are you able or ready to receive them? Take a closer look and find out next month.



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