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Judge Not...
By Chad Sarno, Vital Creations, LLC
(From his column, "Sustenance for the Soul")

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, None but ourselves can free our mind.
--Robert Nesta Marley

What direction with my diet shall I go? Whose philosophy do I listen to? Are they 100% raw? Will I be judged if I eat this? How can they eat that, don't they know the truth? Where has all this judgment come from? Are these familiar questions that are being asked in the raw foods community? Why has there been so much confusion sparked in this community and with people just discovering this lifestyle when all it has to do with is fruits and vegetables? Who are we truly judging and why?

Judgement When we project a personal judgment upon someone for having a different path than our own, all it dehydrates down to that we are judging ourselves. This seems to be a continuous lesson for many others, including myself, on this path of raw truth. There is no bad nor good, no right nor wrong, all these judgments do is create separation. We are as pure as our thoughts, this statement constantly helps me remain in a place of staying humble on this path, especially when and how I choose to teach and share with others. One thing we can say is that we can not eat our way to God, what we choose to put in our bodies is simply a tool to reach greater clarity and understanding to the core of our being of who we truly are. To use this tool with the greatest of its potential, we must be free of judgment, separation and selfrighteousness to obtain the ultimate vitality it holds. When neurosis begins to set in when walking this path, and it does for most of us (speaking from experience), it is difficult to see beyond the illusionary fog that our self righteous ego enjoys to create, the separation of being on a "higher path" than others. Just from the food we choose to put into our bodies? I feel for myself I have needed to experience the radical side to be able to step back and meet people half way.

It is been proven by most of us that the more raw and living plant based food we ingest, we do feel a remarkable sense of closeness to nature, far beyond what we could ever have imagined, the connection that is developed and heightened of being closer to a natural state of being is amazing. If we choose to take a walk through the forest the animals will never judge us nor the plants and trees will never judge us. Then why is that when an overweight person walks by us on the street eating a greasy burger, we think, "How could they eat that, don't they know the truth? I feel pity on their ignorance." Immediately we judge. Or if a fellow raw foodist is "caught" eating a non raw meal, we think, "Oh, they are definitely not 100%, how dare they act as if they are a raw foodist." I have heard this along with being on both sides a few times and was able to simply observed. Why do we feel and hear these judgments so much in such a conscious healthy community? If I like the color yellow and feel it is the color that helps me feel most vibrant and you prefer red, there is no right nor wrong, neither is superior. They both are perfect, each being a beautiful hue of the rainbow, it goes the same with lifestyle and diet preference, each of us are a piece of the whole, so why would we separate any one of these pieces if we are ultimately striving to reach the same goal of getting back to the source and total oneness? This is a crucial question that is needed to be addressed more to newcomers and ourselves. There is no us and them. Disharmony is the sole result of separation.

Obviously if you are reading this magazine you have been gifted with a level of amazing knowledge and raw consciousness of what true vitality that simply eating raw, vegan and living foods can provide. It is now our birth right, purpose and mission to share this priceless knowledge with all we come in contact with. To share free of separation and attachment of outcome, effortlessly and honestly from our heart without any judgment. The most effective and easiest way I feel we can do this is by simply being the example, representing a healthy lifestyle by letting go of impure thoughts and judgments we may have about ourselves or others; Standing on our soapbox preaching right and wrong will only go so far, along with targeting such a scarce audience.

Earth hands... If we envision a planet of harmony and compassion and see many more people being exposed to more healthful and conscious ways of living closer to the earth we must take the step and meet them halfway, let people know that is ok to be where they are at in the moment. Taking the action of being open is an enormous step to initiate a conscious shift in ones life. A predominant part of living a healthy lifestyle is a state of mind. You are the most vibrant you could ever have imagined in this moment.

Believe it or not, its okay to eat a cooked meal once in a while and experiment, there is no need to pound yourself with guilt and remorse, simply acknowledge it, honor it and observe. Our bodies are the greatest and most superior teachers, we have to stop allowing ourselves to get so wrapped in confusion with the many contradiction out there and start listening more to our bodies. It's simple, if you chose to put something in your body and it does not feel good, then you will know not to eat it again, and if you do you will know the effects and consequences it may have. No need to judge, no need to have guilt or regret. Relax, we are human! Wake up, and breathe. Being present is the greatest gift we have, an opportunity to just be, free of attachment and separation in the purest form. We are all in the same place, striving for the same goal and just learning the same lessons through different experiences. Remember, we are as pure as our thoughts, separation creates chaos. A very effective and simple spiritual practice is to accept and receive whatever arises in the Now--within and without.


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