Seattle Bands & Musicians
Reported by Indie Avenue

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 2 Minutes Max

 2nd Nature
 6 cents
 7 Year Bitch
 764 Hero
 Abney Park
 Abusement Park
Marc  Acito
 Actual Size
 Aegean View
The  Afrodisiacs
Carrie  Akre
 Alcohol Funnycar
 Alice In Chains
 Alien Crime Syndicate
 A-Live Sound
 Amber Tide
 American Horn Quartet
 Amtel Ruin
Paul  Anastasio
 And Christ Wept
Keith  Anderson
Shawn D.  Anderson
The  Antagonists
Tomas  Anton
Eric  Apoe & The Furnace
 Baby Gramps
Chris  Bailey
 Bakra Bata
 Balloon Man
Larry  Barrett
Daniel  Barry
Kimberly  Bass
Bret  Battey
 Beat Willy
 Bebop and Destruction
 Ben Wah and The Late Night Trash
 Bent Richard
Jake  Bergevin
Thomas  Berghan
Evan  Beuhler
 Big Bad Groove Society
 Bill Wolford and HEAD
 Billy the Goat
John  Bishop
 Bitterroot Mt. Bluegrass Band
Ben  Black
The  Black Halos
The  Black Nasty
 Black Watch Highland Regiment
 Blind Tribe
Laurel  Bliss & Cliff Perry
Clarence  Blisswater Revival Band
 Blood in 6th Gear
 Bloody Holly
 Blue Bossa
 Blue Collar
 Blue Collar Love
 Blue Daddy
The  Blue Flames
 Blue Healers
 Blue Vinyl Martyrs
The  Bodacious Band
Booking Information  Body & Soul
Zak  Borden
 Boris Pope
 Boss Martians
Bob  Bossin
Brian  Box
Steve  Boyce
Ken  Boynton
Pam  Bricker
Ted  Briggs-Comstock
Marc  Bristol & The Shack Shakers
Hal  Brooks
Evan  Brubaker
James  Bryan
 Bubba's Underground Music
Tony  Buford
 Built to Spill
Robert  Bulkley
Lance  Buller's Monarchs
The  Bullets
 Bumpin Uglies
 Burning Plow
Candice  Burrows
Brian  Butler
 Butterfly Train
 Cannibal Lunchbox
Col.  Cantrell & Rebel Yell
 Captain's Raab & The Patroling Fartknockers
 Caribbean Superstars Band
 Carmona Flamenco
Janis  Carper
 Cat Chaser
 Cat Food
 Catfish Zydeco
The  Catheters
 Caught Lookin'
 Caustic Resin
 Cayenne Cajun Band
 Cedron & N'Shama
Robert  Charles Explosion
 Charlie X
Pat 'Guitar Slim'  Chase
Joe  Chicken
 China Rose
Katya  Chorover
Becca  Christel
The  Cinematics
Alana  Cini
Paul  Clark
 Clark Nova
Jay  Clayton
 Climax Golden Twins
 Clubber Lang
 Cobalt Hook
Jill  Cohn
Nancy  Colton Jr.
The  Coma Twins
 Combo Craig
Marguerite  Conti
Rod  Cook and Toast
David  Cooley & The Hard Swing Band
Henry  Cooper
Matthew  Corwine
K.J.  Corye
Susan  Court
 Courtney Love
Frank  Cox
 Cracked Actress
 Crap Detectors
 Creeping Myrtle
 Crime Family
Todd  Cristoffel & Don't Ask
 Critters Buggin
Kathy  Croce
 Crop Circles
 Cryonic Hope Gun
Ann  Cummings
Kevin  Currie
Kenyon  Curtiss
The  Cyclones
Rob  Daiker
Mark  Dalton
 Danny Galactic & Headon Collision
 DaVinci's Prophecy
The  Day I Fell Down
 Death Cab for Cutie
Michelle  Dedman
Christopher  DeLaurenti
Michael  Delos
 Derivative Duo
Grant  Dermody
The  Diablotones
The  Dickens Carolers
Tor  Dietrickson
Bob  DiNardo
Anna  Doak
The  Dobermans
Ian  Dobson
 Doom Puffin
 Dream of a Tree
Pete  Droge
Mark  DuFresne
Geisa  Dutra
P.K.  Dwyer
 Easy Big Fella
 Electric Bonsai Band
 Emerald City Philharmonic
Jack  Endino
The  Endless Still
 Engine 54
 Ensemble Vindobona
Kristina  Erickson
The  Esoterics
 Eureka Farm
 Eva Tree & Bill D.
 Evan Brubaker
 Face On Mars
 Faith & Disease
Jim  Farrand
Andre  Farriante
The  Fastbacks
 Fat James Band
The  Fat Lillies
 Fear of Dolls
Clinton  Fearon & Boogie Brown Band
Lorri  Feenan
Andre  Feriante
 Fidelity Grange
Hillary  Field
 Fighting Instruments of Karma Marching Chamber Orchestra
 File Gumbo Zydeco Band
 First Light Band
 Flathead 5
Ben  Fleck
Nisa  Fleming
Craig  Florey
 Foo Fighters
 For the Love of Suffering
Alric  Forbes
Nicole  Fournier Band
Ellen  Fowler
The  Frank James Band
 Free Range Chickens
 Fresh Scent
Simon  Frishkoff
Robert  Fuller & the Rabbit Foot Minstrels
 Funnel Cake
Reggie  Garrett & The Snake Oil Peddlers
 Gas Huffer
The  Gears
 Ghetto Monks
 Giant Peach
 Go, Dog. Go!
 Godhead Silo
Reggie  Goings
 Grace's Darlings
Carolyn  Graye
The  Green Pajamas
Stanley  Greenthal
Lee  Gregory
Steve  Griggs
The  Groove
 Growin' Mighty
Abigail  Grush & The Phantom Beat
Ralph  Guenther
Christine  Gunn
Randy  Halberstadt
Terry Lee  Hale
Helen  Halloran
Heather  Hammond
Randy  Hansen
Eric  Hanson
 Hanuman Trio
 Harmonica Playboy & His Midnight Movers
Martin  Hayes
 HB Radke & the Jet City Swingers
Tyrone  Heade
Alicia  Healey
Hedy  Heather Hammond
Gary  Heffern
 Hell Upside Down
John  Hendow
Jimi  Hendrix
The  Herbivores
 Hildeman Strings
Suzanne  Hill
 Hit Explosion
Gary  Hobbs
Wayo  Hogan
 Home Wreckers
Donna Kay  Honey & The Cowpokers
 Honey Don't
 Hoover Cain
Matthew  Horton
Wayne  Horvitz
Janeanne  Houston
George  Howard & The Roadhouse Blueshounds
 How's Bayou
 Hudson Blues Band
Ann  Hudspeth
 Hush Harbor
 Inflatable Soule
 Inka Inka
 Jackhammer Trio
Irene  Jackson
Frank  James
Frank  James Band
 James Street
Edmonia  Jarrett
Taylor  Jay
Dave  Jette
 Jim Rose Circus Sideshow
 Johnny Astro
Kelly  Johnson
Mike  Johnson
Samuel  Jones
 Jump Up
 June Detector
Glen Gaidos  Junk Train
 Junk Train
 Junkyard Jane
 Just Plain Bill
Michael  Kahl
Russ  Kammerer
Ted  Kamp
Jerrod  Kaplan
Paul  Karaitis
Sonya  Kaye
Bryan  Kelley
 Kill Switch...Klick
Steve  Kim
T.C.  Kindred
Katie  King
Julie  King
The  Kingalings
The  Knaves
 Knob Hillbillies
Jim  Knodle
Erick  Kohn
Beth  Kolle
Steve  Korn
The  Kosher Red Hots
Todd  Kovell
The  Kry Boys
 Kuli Loach
 Lake Union Civic Orchestra
Barbara  Lamb
Charles  Lambert
 Land of the Loops
Mark  Lanegan
Peter  Langston
 Lateral Tension
 Latigo Lace
 Laughing Head
Lara  Lavi
Anthea  Lawrence
 Laymans Terms
 Lead Pipe Cinch
The  Legendary Beachcombers
 Les Femmes d'Enfer
 Life Like Feel
Paul  Linnes
 Little Buddy
 Little Champions
 Living Daylights
Roxy  Lopez
Mary Lou  Lord
 Los Hornets
 Losing Logic
 Lost In the Fog
 Love As Laughter
The Laura  Love Band
 Love Battery
 Lucidreams & Cheryl Richards
Lucy  Lunchmouth
Eric  Madis
 Mah Jong
The  Main Attraction
The  Malchicks
 Man Ray
Rick  Mandyck
The  Mango Kings
Dudley  Manlove Quartet
Nick  Manson (Trio)
Lonnie  Mardis Group
K.  Margo
Louise  Marley
 Marriott Jazz Quintet
Barrett  Martin
 Martin Totusek Band
Greta  Matassa
Eric  Matthews
B.N.  Maya
The  Mazeltones
Jana  McCall
Barney  McClure
Kathi  McDonald
Tom  McFarland
Dave  McGrath
Ellen  McLain
Timothy James  Meaney
The  Melody Unit
Hal  Merrill
 Metal Church
Chuck  Metcalf
Greg  Metcalf
 Metro Luna
 Michelene Impossible
 Mike's Budget Band
Kevin  Millard
Doug  Miller
Rick  Miller
 Mind Machine
Linda  Mintchulla
 Miracle Baby
 Moc Moc
 Model Rockets
 Modest Mouse
 Monroe's Fur
 Monster Truck Driver
 Montana Bob & The Sky High Band
Eric 'Two Scoops'  Moore
Kent  Morrill
 MR. FUn
 Mr. Muggy
Eric  Muhs
Heidi  Muller
Zoila  Munoz
Larry  Murante
 Murder City Devils
 Murder of Crows
Jeannie  Murphy
 Musicians Emeritus Symphony Orchestra
 My Name
Casey  Neill
Joanne  Nelson
 Nevada Bachelors
 New Order Coalition
 New Stories
The  Nightcaps
 Ninth Column
 No Way Out
Tim  Noah
 Nojo on the Rojo
 Noonday Sun
Brian  Nova Trio
 Noxious Emotion
Carl  Nyberg Hotshots
 October's Gate
Kimberly  O'Hara
 Okie Doke
Marc  Olsen
 One against Five
Patrice  O'Neill
Tania  Opland
 Orange Tin Man
 Orchestra Seattle
John  Osebold
The  Owl 'n' Thistle Band
 Pacific Northwest Chamber Chorus
Jim  Page
 Painted Sun
May  Palmer
The  Palmer Sisters
 Pan Leggo Steel Drum Band
Susan  Pascal
David  Pascal
 Pearl Jam
 Pedro the Lion
Robert  Peeon
Rodger  Pegues
Cliff  Perry & Laurel Bliss
 Persephone's Circle
 Pesky Natives
 Peter & Molly
Janet  Peterson
 Phat Sidy Smokehouse
Ed  Pias
William  Pint & Felicia Dale
 Pointy Birds
 Pop Sickle
Stephanie  Porter
The  Posies
Dick  Powell Band
 Prayer Factory
 Presidents of the United States of America
 Pretentious Flamedogs
 Prose & Concept
 Pure Water
 Queens of the Stone Age
 Quichua Mashis
Sean  Rader
Fred  Radke
H.B.  Radke
David  Rae
L.  Rain
Bill  Ramsay
 Ranch Romance
Joanne  Rand
Andrew  Ratshin
Tom  Rawson
The  Razor Skyline
 RC5 (Robb Clarke 5)
 Red Fish Blue Fish
Deanna  Reitan
Gordon  Rencher
The  Retards
The  Retros
 Revolutionary Hydra
Rosemary  Ricci
Marjorie  Richards
The  Robert Charles Explosion
Frank  Roberts
 Rocco & The Nightprowlers
The  Rockinghams
Roger  Rogers Band
 Roller Coaster
Steve  Roy
Mary Lydia  Ryan
 Salon Betty
 Saturn Missle Battery
 Scatter Creek
Greg  Scott
 Sea of Black
Marc  Seales
 Seattle Banjo Club
 Seattle Lesbian and Gay Chorus
 Seattle Philharmonic Orchestra
 Seattle Symphony Orchestra
 Seattle Women's Ensemble
D.A.  Sebasstian
 Separate Skin
 Severna Park
The  Sewer Company
The  Shamaniacs
Kendra  Shank
Andy  Shaw
Phil  Sheeran
Jaime  Sheets
Adam  Sheridan
Aiko  Shimada
 Shir Fun
Sandy  Silva
Mary  Simkin & Paula Walters
 Sir Mix-A-Lot
 Sister Psychic
 Sixty Cycle Hum
 Sky Cries Mary
 Slow Gas Heater
 Smelter Rats
Linus P.  Smile
Don Gaynor's  Smiles Revival Band
 Smoother Movers
 Snake Oil Daddy
 Sofa Glue
The  Soilers
 Solid Objects with Brian Short
 Sons of Valerie
The  Souvenirs
The  Spectres
 Speed Twin
 SpEnt fiXer
 Spin Betty Girl
 Spirit House
Mark  Spittal
 Spring In Warsaw
Kathye  Sroufe
 Stark Raven
 Steel Porn Rhino
 Stick Figures
 Stickman Stepchild
 Stickshift Annie and the Overdrive
Jillon  Stoppels Dupree
Grant  Stott
*  Stradhoughton Echo
 Strange Band Fellows
 Strange Parade
The  Suffering Gaels
 Sunny Day Real Estate
 Super Deluxe
 Susan Anthony
 Sweet 75
The  Sweet Tweety Band
Christian  Swenson
The  Swine
 Swing Shift
Gloria  Swisher
Tammy  Swygard
Tab  Tabscott
Molly  Tenenbaum
 Thalia Symphony Orchestra
 The Lloyds
 The Lloyds
 Third World County
 This Busy Monster
Jay  Thomas
 Thornton Creek
 Three's A Crowd
 Throttle Body
 Time In Trees
 Tin Ear
 Tinty Music
 Tiny Giants
 Tiny Hat Orchestra
Jahn  Titterness
 to have a vehicle
 Tom Felt Forty Five
Micheal  Tomlinson
Martin  Totusek
The  Toucans
Goodwin  Trent
 Trey Gunn
 Trillian Green
 Tudor Choir
 Turntable Bay
 Turtle Valley String Band
Ted  Turtleneck
The  Ultimate Sonics
 Unit Circle
 University of Washington Husky Marching Band
 Urban Rhythms
The  Valentine Killers
Ed  Vance
The  Variables
 Velvet Steel
Steve  Vincent
 Violent Green
The  Vogue
The  Wailers
The  Walkabouts
Stephen  Wall
Paula  Walters & Mary Simkin
Brad  Warren
 Watch the Sky
Linda  Waterfall
The  Wax Poetics
 Weapon of Choice
Shawn  Weaver
 Well Hungover
 Wes Dando
Dr. Lynette  Westendorf
Amelia  White
Charles  White Band
Fritz  Whitney
The  Whole Bolivian Army
Peter  Wilde
Christopher  Williams
 Williams & Bray
Greg  Williamson
Mark Hilliard  Wilson
Cheryl  Wiser
Jen  Wood
 Wussy Beat Up The Jocks
Gary  Yeoman
 Yo & De Cats
 Young Fresh Fellows
 Zen Monx Squadron
Radim  Zenkl