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17 Reasons Why
Winners of the 1998 MUSICIAN magazine Best Unsigned Band Competition, just signed with New York indie label Laundry Room Records. Their critically acclaimed debut album, The Dark Years, will be released nationally in October 1998. (3606)

28 IF
Guitar-rock of the finest sort, fronted by the guitar and voice of Jeff LaBansky, a lauded Portland veteran who has been a dominant force on the club scene over the years. (4)

3 Leg Torso
Bela Balogh - Violin, Gabe Leavitt - Cello, Courtney Von Drehle - Accordion (3608)

44 Long
Minimalist western rock pop. John Fogerty and John Lennon go to Oasis` barbecue...CDs: "Collect Them All", "Inside the Horses Head" (10)

7th Day
Techno, Rave, Ambient, Trance, Trip-hop with a Twist! 7th Day's official home page. Music with a message. (15)

800 Octane

8-Foot Tender
Fundamental Fuzz Rock... (17)

a Capriccio
(flute or saxophone and piano) for weddings and ceremonies (20)

Karling Abbeygate
New release 'Glory Girl' out in march 98 on White Trash Records. (24)

CD: 'Spoons' (1998) (27)

Obo Addy
Visit for more info... (38)

Chata Addy & Susuma
CD: 'The Children', 'Shi Da' <a href=""><img src="localsonly.gif" border=0></a> (3618)

Airport Dreams

Albina Jazz Ensemble
Swinging blues and hot jazz. Available for events, festivals, clinics, corporate events, wedding receptions. 300 years cumulative jazz experience in this group. CD available. (4413)

All Out
<br> (3201)

The American Girls
'Fair weather Words for Four Letter Friends' - CD out 3/17; 'Welcome to our Lovesick Porch' -CD out now (69)

Lynn Frances Anderson
Debut CD, `My Famous Friend` (1998). Listen to KINK FM 102 to hear Lynn on the NW Artist Focus or send a request in for the all request noon hour! (3627)

Maureen Andrews
Country singer, CD: "Back to Love", "Beatnik Boys" (1998), "Walkin` After Midnight" (3628)

Amy Annelle
CD: "Which Ones You" (1999, Hush Records) (4419)

Anomalous Quintet/Trio
An unusually original blend of funk, blues, rock, soul, and jazz, featuring the funkiest guitar stylings in Portland. CD: "Quintessence" (1999) (3629)

Apartment 3-G
Cravedog Records CD: 'Shit No One Wants to Hear' (96)

Apricot Jam
Apricot Jam has a new CD, `Mr. Fancypants,` out, and it`s available at your favorite record store and at our chickenfunky shows. Come on out, and experience acoustic craziness with three nice boys! (97)

Ralph Archenhold
Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica, CD: "It`s About Time" (99)

New Folk and Pop Singer Songwriter (105)

Astro Desia & The Spage-Age Bachelorettes

The Atmosphere

Atom Sane
atom sane currently have a c.d. called simplistic relaxation. if your in the portland area you must check these guys out. (3632)

Atomic 61

The Atoms

Attenuated Euphoria
'Incorporating elements of industrial, electronic, synthpop, hip-hop, and rock styles.' (117)

Future roots rock somewhere between psyco punk and cowboys on acid. Download MP3 sound clips, pics, events. 36 original songs published to date with 1 CD out and another available late summer 99. (4323)

Sheila & Backwater Blues
Muddy Award nominee; <a href=""><img src="localsonly.gif" border=0></a> (3635)

Dan Balmer
CD: 'If We Never Meet Again' (1998) (149)

Bangin' Moon

Tarik & Julia Banzi
CDs: 'Illumination' (KOCH Recordings), 'The Bridge II' RACC Recordings, Liman-For Whom? Al-Andalus records (154)

Mike Barone
Mike Barone has written over 350 compositions and arrangements for Doc Severinsen and the NBC Tonight Show Band. (161)

Baseboard Heaters
CD: "Seeing Red" (1999), avail. at Locals Only or at contact address ($10) (4402)

Batch 5
CD: 'Senile Delinquents' independent release available @ Ozone and "Locals Only (172)

The Batz

Michael Beach
Vocalist, Drummer, Multi-ethnic Percussionist and founder/leader (1975) of Brothers of the Baladi. Also available [live & studio] for many Rock, Blues, R&B, etc. projects. (181)

CD: 'May All Your Days Be Circus Days' (183)

The Beatniks

CD Release party for their debut CD "Little Bit of Licken" (194)

The Bella Low

John Bennett
(See Black Swan) (206)

Ed Bennett

Richard Bienvenu
I like music that has Yin and Yang, the hard and the soft, the sweetness and the edge. And I like my stuff to be unpredictable, like you're never really sure where it's going or where it will end up. (3645)

Big Time Rosie
Upbeat 5 piece pop/rock band (228)

Bill Santen is joined by Pond's Charlie Campbell on cello and gets rhythm and production input from Elliott Smith... (236)

Duffy Bishop
Band: Palace of Culture; CD: 'Fly the Rocket' (1999) (238)

Black & Blue
Over the course of four albums for Geffen Records, Black NÆ Blue (fronted by Jeff Labansky) exceeded one million sales worldwide. (243)

Black Orchid
Band not officially together, but CD: 'Episodic Dreams of Falling' is available from address listed here. (251)

The Black Swan Classic Jazz Band
Dixieland and ragtime ensemble. (252)

Lee Blake
The Lee Blake Band! (258)

Timmer Blakely
ALSO: and (259)

Rob Blakeslee
CDs: 'Spirit of the Times' (9 Winds); 'Long Narrows' (9 Winds); 'Lifeline' (9 Winds) (260)

Pronounced 'blue-BYE-nose' (273)

Blue Honey
Our second cd in a year. The critics are eating it up. '...songs chops and sheer Mt. Tabor tomorrow the world.' -The Oregonian '...refreshingly clear of long-winded hippie jam bands...Nothing but blue skies ahead for this band.' (3648)

Blue Soul
SEE Official Minipage... (4198)

Joel Bluestone
Faculty at Portland State Univ. Music Dept. (291)

Boka Marimba
Portland's premiere marimba ensemble. High-energy dance music from Zimbabwe. (303)

Julie Bonaduce
Formerly of No Way Home and Missing Jack,hear songs from Julie's upcoming CD (305)

Clark H. Bondy
*For bio information see web pg. (307)

Elliott Sharp & The Boodlers
CD: 'Boodlers' (3653)

Elliott Sharp & The Boodlers
CD: 'Boodlers' (311)

Border Patrol Big Band
Portland's swinginest eighteen-piece big band. (316)

Soothing and exhilarating synthesizer instrumentals. Beautiful compositions, similar to Jean Michel-Jarre, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Yanni, Mike Oldfield. Three relaxing one hour albums on cassette. (323)

The Brainwashers
It's all sun and sand, with neither angst nor melancholy as far as the eye can see: heavy on the reverb, with extra snare drum, please, and keep 'em coming. (337)

Paul Brasch
CD: 'Find My Way' (1999) (4203)

Meredith Brooks
Signed to Capitol Records--national act. (358)

Brothers of the Baladi
Since 1975, Six CDs, Instructional videos, Vocals in 7 languages - `infectiously danceable Middle Eastern-Latin-Reggae-Rootsy Rock--available for Concerts, Music Workshops & Dance Parties`. CD: "Time of Peace" (1999) (360)

Salvadore Brotons
Faculty at Portland State Univ. Music Dept. (361)

Myrtle Brown

Bruce Browne
Faculty at Portland State Univ. Music Dept. (368)

Norm Buccola
Plays in Ken DeRouchie Band... (3662)

Mark Buchanan
Plays in Hummingfish... (379)

Buds of May
eclectic blue grass band (4211)

Gentle dissonance, spacious melodicism and a cushy low end delivered with nary a cliché or heavy hand. (3663)


John Bunzow


Joanna Burns-Miller

Rob Busey
Plays in Ken DeRouchie Band... (3665)

The Butchers

Bye Bye Chinook
Bye Bye Chinook is a progressive rock band in Portland, Oregon. Our music is inspired and informed by cascading water, wind through great trees and clouds across the dream sky. We invite you to come listen. (4305)

Steve Cahill
PSA Member, pres. '96 (424)

Calamity Jane

Call Me PePe
Headquarters of the Northwest's kicken'est surf quartet (429)

Also: (432)

Nicole Campbell
Nicole's First solo CD: 'Little Voice' (1998) (3670)

Matrika: An Animated Alphabet(26 letters, 26 animals, 26 songs) Unorganized Flying Objects (a mini space opera) (447)

Rock band from Portland. They have one just released their first album. (452)

Renato Caranto

Ernie Carbajal
(See Black Swan) (456)

Carmina Pirahna
Signed to Mercury Records (464)

Brandon Carmody
Currently at work on a project called 'The Sunshine Album' which will be released in Oregon as a live record. (3672)

Ryan Carmody

Craig Carothers

Dave Carter
Post-modern Mythic American Folk. Winner Kerrville Folk Fest--best new folk '98...CD: 'When I Go' (1998) (3673)

Caveman Shoestore

Geoff Cecil
Plays in Ken DeRouchie Band... (3676)

Jan Celt
CD 'Lookie Tookie' on Flying Heart Records; three albums with the Esquires also on Flying Heart; noted producer (492)

Celtic Renaissance

Change of Heart

Scott Charlie Starkweather Band
Antifolk rumbles. Antifolk rules. Charlie takes you for a ride. (4154)

Jan Chciuk-Celt
CDs: 'Bluesman with a Twist', 'Lookie Tookie' (510)

Hamilton Cheifitz

Chinook Winds Trio
Lynda Hess, flute | Christopher Cox, clarinet | Jennifer Bleth, bassoon (525)

Choobie & The Bubbles

Choral Arts Ensemble
283-1336, Kerry Montgomery, 226-0880 (529)


Citizen Swing

The Civil War Band
Alter ego band of No Strings Attached Blugrass Band... (545)

Charles Clemmer
Formerly with Messinger, currently leading the GLIMMER project. (555)

Also: (563)

Stephen Cohen
A guitarist, composer, recording artist, visual artist and maker of original sculptural percussion instruments, Stephen performs in a variety of concert settings throughout the U.S. (3687)

Kacy Colleen & Dale Lawrence
CD: "You Were Meant For Me" (1999) & Previous Release (1991) "Sojourn" (572)

Columbia Symphony Orchestra

Conjunto Alegre

Cool Nutz
Producer of several rap/hip-hop acts. Relocating to L.A. 11/99. (596)

Margaret Copeland

Dave Coulter
Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist - available for session bass work. (618)

The Countrypolitans
''Hip Hayseed''; ''Classic country, but from the late fifties and sixties Bakersfield sound.'' (622)

Former band... (636)

Crazy Like Me



Glen Crown
Glen is an accomplished musician who plays an acoustic guitar and likes to sing. He often does favorites from: James Taylor, Eric Clapton, Beatles, and Neil Young as well as others. Hopes to expand career by playing private gigs, weddings, outi (4195)

CD: 'Failure to Yield' Tooth & Nail Records (656)

Jeff Cumpston

Jim Cuomo
In Duoglide. (660)

Brian Cutler
CD: "Wax Moons And Satin Roses" (1999) (4483)

Miss Cybelvis Monroe
Cybele breathes out Elvis Presley songs as Marilyn Monroe, accompanied by the irrepressible Samsonite (aka Botielus) on his pearly red accordion. A spectacle to behold! (668)

Damaged Edge

Meredith d'Ambrosio

The Dandy Warhols ;; Album: Dandy's Rule OK soon to be released: ...Come Down... (680)

Dead Moon

Dead Red Head
Recording has just been completed for our first CD. Due out in August. (707)

Dan Decker
PSA--owns the studio. Does 'Fat Elvis' act. (711)

Paul DeLay Band
"Ocean of Tears", Evidence Music; "Take It From The Turnaround", Evidence Music (717)

CD: 'All Fired Up' (719)

Theresa Demarest
Web Site has complete info. re: upcoming concerts, CDs, press, Band bios etc. (724)

Theresa Demarest & Good Company
PSA--published songwriter; has performed nationally; CD release 5.24.96, 'Moon Rising' (723)

Caleb Denison
Plays in Ken DeRouchie Band... (3711)

Ken DeRouchie

Desperate Measures
CD to be released in 1999. (733)

Jim Devore
Guitarist for at Beacock Music, Vancouver, WA... (738)

Dharma Engine
Original, heady instrumentation, solid vocals, high energy live performances. Check out our site! (740)

Brenda Dickey
Alt folk rock... (748)

Hold a telescope in one hand and a microscope in the other. Now, ask yourself, "where the hell am I and how did I get here?" We play music that make us think of things like this. We try to combine elements of as many styles as we possibly can, as smoo (4128)

Cheralee Dillon
(Lives in Portland) (754)


CD: Caddywhompus (1994), overunderneath (1997), EP (1999) (763)

Dog's Eye View
On Sony Records (774)

Doro & Morre Duo
CD: Mystiche, 1996 (783)

Sarah Dougher

Kenny Drew, Jr.

Drone Cloud
tape release party at the paris downtown jan-23rd 1998 giving away free tape to the first 30 people in the there! (802)

Ed Drury
Has produced a video on how to play the didjeridu... (805)

Dub Squad

The Dukes of Uke
Ukulele freaksunite! (810)

Clarinet and domro duo; CD: 'Song Noir' (816)

Eagle`s Jump
Native American, rock/jazz/blues fusion, featuring Arlie Neskahi and Leroy Critcher. Check out our site for more info and soundbites in Real Audio. Featured on the 1999 release, Sounds of Portland CD. (4498)

Performs for Sensory Circuit... (3721)

Jonathan Eder
Instruction, entertainment (831)

Steve Einhorn
Owns Artichoke Music. (833)


Elevated Nature
We fucking ROCK (4174)

Skip Elliott-Bowman

Tim Ellis
Staff at Whitehorse Studios as manager of Studio A. Composer, producer. (843)

Ramsey Embick
Has trio... (3722)

Endangered Feces


Jack Evans

Signed with Capitol Records (873)

Excuse seventeen just recently parted ways. It's true. In their short time they put out two full length records and one seven-inch. (877)

Falls Road

Far From Home
CD: "Somewhere In Between" (1999) (4453)

The Feelings

Roger Feibel
Plays in Ken DeRouchie Band... (3735)

Kevin Ferguson
CD: 'STRAD TO STRAT': Fiery classical (Paganini, Sarasate, Vivaldi, Bach) on electric guitar. (917)

CDs: ''Pacoima'', ''Widows'', 'season in Hell''... (918)

The Feud

Filthy Swine
Their first single, 'Get A Job' was kindly described as a bunch of guys singing while vacuuming. After they learned how to play, their only direction was up! (931)

Dan Fincher
Sax with Paul deLay Band (935)



Ralph Fiol

Five Fingers of Funk

Five O`Clock People
CD: "The Nothing Venture" (1999) (4468)

Eric Flagel
235-4446 (F) (957)

Florestan Trio

Folk You

Gary Fountaine
Freelance... (994)


John Fresk
former accompanist for Bobby McFerrin; plays in Ken DeRouchie band... (3742)

David Friesen
World class bassist... (1020)

David Frishberg
Fantasy Records; CD: 'Dave Frishberg-By Himself' (1022)


Dan Reed's latest project, CD: "Untangled Daydream" (1999) (4242)

Galaxy Trio

Po Galvan
Former MESSINGER band leader Current GLIMMER frontperson (1043)


With a debut indie release in 1997 produced by Dan Reed, Generator is a fast rising new star on the Northwest music scene, led by Rob Daiker. A sonic mish-mash of power pop, funk, Psychedelic Furs. (3745)

Gern Blanston
On Cavity Search Records (3747)

Giant Bug Village
Nothing but the music of Guided By Voices (our personal friends) (1074)

John Gilmore
Vocalist, Pianist Specializing in Jazz Standards, Over 20 Years Experience. Father was producer for Frank Sinatra. CD: 'For My Father & Frank' (1999)... (3750)

Glass Chunk

Former Messinger members new project. (1097)

Brian Godula

Ellen Kjelgarrd Godula

Golden Delicious
Hillbilly jam band... (1105)

The Gone Orchestra

Good Couch
Currently looking for Keyboard player, (Herbie, Greyboys, James Taylor Quartet, even a little Phish) vibe. All original music, have shows, CD, promoter...etc. (1112)

Good Mud

Goodtime Granny

Tracy Grammer
CD: 'When I Go' (1998) w/Dave Carter (1126)

Tom Grant
on Shenachie Records (1130)

Darrell Grant
International jazz artist...CD: "Smokin` Java" (1999) (1128)

Schizophonic Records, CD 'Mountain' (1132)

Harold Gray

Fran Gray

Terri Grayum & Gwen Thomas

Rudy Grayzell
Had the honor of singing with Elvis for a couple of gigs. Interesting local fellow who just opened his own club (See Rudy Tutti's). (4170)

Greater Portland Chorus

First band in history on a Nintendo 64 video game! The game is called 'Top Gear Overdrive' and will include 6 Grindstone songs. (1154)

The Groove Line
CD: 'Songs from the Pocket' (1999) (3757)

Groove Manifesto
Will appear on summer 98 compilation release entitiled 'Live at Jimmy Maks' (1158)

Rick Gross
Video & Audio production, too. (1163)

Gypsy Caravan
Tribal Bellydance Troupe, videos and music available. NEW video-CARAVAN TRAILS-a collage of performances and interviews, $28...CD: "Migration" (1999) (1178)

Eileen Hagen
Accordian Instruction, Sales, Rental, Repair (1184)

Jamey Hampton
PSA; CD: "Throw Caution" (1999), a choreographer, has dance company: Bodyvox (1204)

The Hard Liquors

Sally Harmon
contemporary music and jazz (1221)

John Harp
Plays in Ken DeRouchie Band... (3764)

'Though we're mostly a Portland band, I live in Sacramento and am the main contract right now.'--Jed, Lather Records... (1234)

Botielus and Cybele as Hasenpfeffer are the Erasure Chumbawumba Twins of Portland. Surreal costumes, multiple televisions, glamour, synthesizers, saxophone, xylophone... it's a multi-media SYNTHROXTRAVAGANZA! (1236)

'Rural Rock'; CD: 'The Dream Ride Home' ('96) -- Broke up in '97... (1243)

On Candy Ass Records; band no longer together... (1244)

David Hadland moved back to New York in '97... (1247)

(See Elliott Smith former member)... (3768)

The Heavy Johnson Trio

Kevin Hendrickson
(see Pirate Jenny) (1263)

Henry Moon
Guitar, Bass, Drums; CD: '....barking rat with grammaw'; Swiftly gaining notoriety in the NW Music Scene as a powerful trio with chops and musical panache but are still basically a bunch of great guys that like to play. (1268)

Here Comes Everybody
CD: `Thirteen` (1998). It`s eclectic, unpredictable, full of hooks, challenging and smart. Available at Portland area local music stores. (3771)

Nancy Hess

Robert Hicks

Peter Hildebrandt

Andrew Hill
Blue Note Records (1293)

Kristy Hinds
CD: 'Into the Fray' ('96); imagine Milton Nascimento, Steely Dan, and Ani DiFranco sat down for a pow-wow... (1296)

Peter Hinsbeeck
plays with several local bands, including Jimmie and the Blues Masters... (1298)

Da'Mone Batease/Moanie D Hip-Square
we just realeased/single 'Final Wish' I Moanie D, also just finished a solo EP called 'No More Tears', check us out on the web or live (1302)

Hitting Birth
Alternative Music (1304)

Hokus Pokus
Full production rock band (including lights, pyrotechnics and lasers) with an '80s sound for people who still enjoy good music... (1313)

Holy Modal Rounders

Phillip Houston
Individual seeking others for band. Lot's of experience and styles !! (1331)

The Hudson Rocket Band

CD-Hover, debut made splash on NW local sales charts CD-Love Tractor-Reviewed by People Magazine/ VH-1 Deb Talan Solo Tape also available (1341)

Hungry Mob
EP: "Forecast" (1999) (1343)


Mark Hutchinson
Plays in Ken DeRouchie Band... (3782)

Dory Hylton


Iddy Biddy

Ill Manner
Portland's finest hardcore act they rock the house down. str8 up portland hardcore (1357)

In June
Four national releases since 1992. Chick vox over wall of guitar. You've never heard anything like this band! (1363)


Jeff Inlay
Plays in Hummingfish... (1368)

Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormons
CDs: 'Salt Lake City' (1998); 'Goodlandia' (1997); 'Cotton' (EP, 1997); 'Butte Mont. 1879' (1996) (1381)

Carlton Jackson

Plays regularly in and around Portland, OR, CD: "Home Far Away" (1999) (1387)

Scott James
CD: 'The Mirror', 1996 (1401)

The John January Band


Jealous Rage
Jealous Rage has a self-titled CD now available with songs like 'Goodnight Morning' and 'Life of Nothing'...CHECK OUT OUR WEB SITE! (1409)

Jesus Presley
CDs: "Baptism of Love" (1997), "Christmas with Jesus Presley" (1999). (1418)

David Jimerson
Faculty at Portland State Univ. Music Dept. (1422)

Bryan Johanson
CD: 'The Secret Guitar'; Faculty Music Dept. Portland State Univ. (1428)

Johnny Limbo & The Lugnuts
Johnny Limbo and the Lugnuts. Nostalgic 50's band from Portland, Oregon celebrating 20 years together. (1429)

Kit Johnson
(See Black Swan) (1439)

Paul Johnson
Looking to form a fun blues band... (1443)

Julianne Johnson

Lloyd Jones
Signed to Blind Pig Records, released "Love Gotcha" (1999) (1454)

Lew Jones
CD: ''Apple River Diaries'' (1996); ''Blue Prometheus'' (1998); ''Blue Prometheus'' (1999) (3795)

Julie Jones & The Things You Are

Jerry Joseph
Jerry Joseph Band, Jackmormons...CDs: 'Salt Lake City' (1998); 'Goodlandia' (1997); 'Cotton' (EP, 1997); 'Butte Mont. 1879' (1996) (1460)

JosT and the Pussycats

Jr. High
A bit more mature than angst ridden, they borrow heavly from his influences from Elvis Costello and all the other pop/ punk balladers of the early eighties. (1463)

CD: "NOW" (1999) (4485)

Justin Tyme

The K.T.

Mary Kadderly
CDs: "Down Right Big Time" (1995), "I Go Zoom" (1998) (1482)


Wendy Karden
Played on McKinley's 'Big Top Shop Talk'; teaches flute... (1494)

' extremely sick and gruesome demise at the hands of a certain member's self centered attitudes. I won't name him.' (1496)

Robbie Kaye
PSA - FOLK,ROCK,POP, R&B, C&W, BMI, LYR,MUS; Former staff writer Warner/Chappell, Disney recordings (1499)

J. Michael Kearsey
Songwriter, Contemporary Composer, Music & Concert Production (1502)

Roger Kellaway

Marilyn Keller

Kerosene Dream
Our self title release has been in the top five in Portland for three months. It has been #1 the last three weeks. We will begin recording a new cd in May for a late summer release. CD: "Such Is Life" (1999) (3803)

Kesatuan is a new music duo for flute and marimba that specializes in performing and commissioning original new works by living composers. (3804)

The Kicks Band
17 piece jazz orchestra; CD: 'Alive & Kickin'' (1529)

Rebecca Kilgore

Nancy King & Glen Moore
Justice Records (1539)

King Black Acid
On Ruckus Records (1541)

Andrei Kitaev

Bonnie Knopf
CD: 'Close To His Heart' - 1994 (1565)

Debut cd 'ELECTROLUX' release date August 28th. Check out 'In the Mix' Aug issue Two Louies. (1566)

The Knott Brothers

Glenn 'Pappy' Koch
(See Black Swan) (1569)

Jon Koonce
Band: Gas Hogs (1576)


Pete Krebs
CD: 'Brigidier' (1998); Creative force behind Hazel... (3807)

Lea Krueger
Alt. rock, avante garde; see On A Llama. Gone solo joining up with Kneeling Elephant. (1587)

Mel Kubik
CD: 'Pigeon' (1998); acoustic stylings (1590)

Lady Speed
Rock grrrls... (4042)

Patrick Lamb
Toured with Tom Grant Band, Diane Schuur, opened for B.B. King Wynton Marseilles, Brandford Marseilles, Kenny G, etc. Top 10 in the Northwest record release 'For the Love'. Playing upcoming Mt. Hood Jazz Festival, Berks Jazz festival Philidelphia etc.. (1604)

Land of the Blind
2nd CD , 'Out of Chaos Into the Whirlwind' (1997, Burnside), 'One Eye' (1998, Rainforest Records) (1605)

Rob Landahl

Ken Larson
Bodhrßn is a traditional Celtic drum. Ken plays it with anything from Celtic to Surf music to Alternative Rock. (1617)

Julia Laurent
Spoken Word over World Music (1624)

Robbie Laws
CD: 'Midnight Rain' (1996), 'Takin' the Night Train' (1998) (3814)

Jeff Lawton
Grateful Dead - rock/blues/improv. rock (1630)

Gordon Lee
P=Quartet +Solo (1642)

Chris Lee & Colleen O'Brien

David Leslie
Plays with Oomph! (1652)


Li'l Lynn & The Smokin Soles
R&B/Blues band; CD: 'Strike Again' (1660)

Jon Lindahl
recording engineer & producer @ Fresh Tracks Studio; plays in The Essentials (1664)

Little Sue
CDs: 'Chimneys and Fishes' (1998); 'Crow' (1999) (3818)

Charles Littleleaf

The Lloyd Jones Struggle


Jeff London
CD: 'Slowness' (1999) Hush Records (4318)

Lonesome Taxi
CD: 'Keep the Change' (1686)

Dr. Wallace Long
Director of Choral Activities at Willamette University since 1983. (1687)

The Lookers

CD: 'Crying for July' (1998) (1693)

Lost Cause

On Candy Ass Records (1708)

CD release July 25, NeoRetroErotiPop', Rainforest Records (3820)

Jay Lundell



Leigh Marble
'[Marble's songs] have lots of sharp unexpected lyrical twists that reward repeated listenings.'-Tape Op (1758)

Joey Marguerite


Boyd Martin
Has played with many Portland blues and R&B bands, toured with Joanna Connor, and is always available for groovin'! (1773)

Johnny Martin
All the old classics from Sinatra. Great for wedding receptions and parties! (1775)

Rob Matheny

Steve Mathes
(See Black Swan) (1780)

Justin Matz
Currently with THE JESSE SAMSEL BAND, THE TERRY EVANS BAND and MAC CHARLES. Teaches drum lessons and will fill in on gigs... (1788)

Maurice & The Chevaliers

Mazel Tov Orchestra
The group is made up of some of the Northwest's most highly respected jazz musicians, offering workshops for musicians and performances of Klezmer and Israeli music. (3830)

Paul Mazzio
Mel Brown, Dan Balmer, Mark Simon, and frequently with the Oregon Symphony Pops (1801)

Matt McCourt

Andrew McGough
Plays for Hummingfish... (1812)


Rick McNutt
Vibes, Marimba and Steel Drums (1822)

Loving to play, loving to perform, and feeding off the crowd -- our audience comes expecting an event. And that's what we give them... (1831)

Thara Memory

no fi music and other (1843)

Jim Mesi

Metalic Blue Goth

Metropolitan Youth Symphony
In its 25th Anniversary Season, the Metropolitan Youth Symphony (MYS) is a non-profit educational organization, with over 350 talented young musicians in seven performing groups. (1851)

James Meyer
(See Black Swan); bass trombone with the Eugene Symphony Orchestra (1854)

Lisa Miller & The Trailer Park Honeys
CD: `Trailer Park Honey` (1998), "Lipstick & Beer" (1999) (1879)

Vibraphone, clarinet/sax. and acoustic bass give this jazz trio a uniquely warm sound. Appropriate for soft background or ballroom dancing. (4462)

Sheila Miranda
Plays in Ken DeRouchie Band... (3839)

Miss Murgatroid
On Win Records out of L.A. (3840)

George Mitchell


The Moes

Monde La Bella

Monkey Fur
100% pure unadulterated power punk with a stage show second to none, Monkey Fur consists of a Clown, a Monkey, a Pig and an Executioner. With a strong musical backbone and inventive stage show, Monkey Fur has arrived to conquer the world! (4106)

No longer together... (1931)

Mike Morgan
New solo CD- '4/4'. Member of Folk Trio 'Old Friends' (1937)

Mrs. Jones

MST & The A-List
With Mary Sue Tobin... (1960)

Musical Chairs

The Musical Theater Company
Professional musical theater (1981)

Gary Myrick & Havana 3 a.m.
Just moved to PDX from L.A. CD: 'Texas Glitter & Tombstone Tales' (1986)

Shirley Nanette
Jazz singer (1988)

Napalm Beach
On Flying Heart Records (1990)

David Nelson Band
David Nelson first performed with Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter in the Wildwood Boys in the early 60s. For the past three years the DNB has been performing coast to coast and garnering critical acclaim for their recordings and live performances. (2000)

Arlie Neskahi
Award winning Native American, composer, vocalist, flutist, performs and teaches both traditional and contemporary works in area venues and educational settings, as well as composing for video, film, and theatre. Bands: Eagle`s Jump & Songcatchers. (4501)

Rich Neuwirth
(See Black Swan) (2008)

New Bad Things
On Candy Ass Records (2012)

New Wave Hookers

Chris Newman
On Flying Heart Records (2018)


A fusion of jazz, traditional Irish, and impressionistic chamber music, mostly written by the group's members. (2030)

Nine Volt Mile
CD: 'Nine Volt Mile'; Once in a while, a band will break through that self-indulgent, boring mosh pit sound that has saturated the alternative scene and just play from the gut. (2033)

No Idea

Northern Lights
We're a barbershop quartet that sings a mix of styles. Contact us for booking information. Visit our website. (2050)

Nurse Diesel

NW Music Co-op
The NW Music Coop is a collective of musicians dedicated to the independent production of music. The Coop has a digital recording studio available for very cheap ($100 for a 10 hour day). Check out the web page for info. (4370)

The Obliterated

Obscured By Clouds
Psychedeclectic... (2077)

Old Friends
new CD- 'Live at Woodstock (cafe)' (2092)

On A Llama
Lea Krueger lead singer; CD: 'On A Llama'; Ned, Drums (2103)

One More Time Around Again Marching Band
Performs atthe Rose Festival annually (2105)

One Nut Short
We'll play pretty much anywhere, anytime, and with anyone! (2106)

Orange Astronauts
CD: 'One Orange Beat' (2111)

Oregon Repertory Singers
CD: 'Corigliano: Fern Hill' (1998) (2115)

The Oregon Symphony
P=James DePreist, S=Sidlin; TIX: 800/228-7343 (2119)

Ovarian Trolley

People Oppressed by the World's Entire Ruling-elite... (2129)

Pacific Wonderland
American Made Rock `n Roll.Former members of Haymaker with a new bass player and new drummer. Debut Album "American Made" (1999) (4325)

Pagan Jug Band
Five-piece roots-based ensemble playing acoustic music in an electric context...'Hi-octane musical hijinx'. (2133)

Pan Gypsies
Lively steel drum rhythms of Trinidad's soca and calypso music... (2142)

The Panties
You can get our tape through K records. We're on the CHA CHA CABERET CD on K, and we'll also be on the new DUB NARCOTIC SELECTOR compliation coming out in May, along with BECK and JON SPENCER BLUESáEXPLOSION! (2147)

Paradigm Driven
Debut album "A Dream Chronicle" is available at: Everyday Music, Locals Only, Reverb Records, Music Millennium<br><br> (4426)

Mark Paul

Paulette & Power

Sara Paulson

Peasant Syndrome

Pedro Luz
CD-EP: "All Our Friends Took Your Side" (1999) (3871)

Pell Mell
Steve Fisk is, indeed, in the band. (2171)

Pepe Pepe & The Bottle Blondes
This eclectic ensemble was created with the idea to bring back the old Copacabana style dinner theater. Pepe integrates original wardrobe designs, dialogue and choreography with his "twelve piece" Latin/Swing band, bringing onto the stage the artistic e (4229)

Pepe & The Bottle Blondes
Pepe integrates original wardrobe designs, dialogue and choreography with his "twelve piece" Latin/Swing band, bringing onto the stage the artistic edge reminiscent of Musical Theater. (3874)

Pete Petersen
Performs jazz, R&B, pop, rock (2183)

Structured Sound Sculptures (2190)

Pinehurst Kids
Punk/pop version of the Replacements, similar to House of Large Sizes, but with bleaker lyrics... (2206)

Pink Martini
CD: "Sympathique" (1999), blends influences from classical chamber music to Cuban, from French music halls to foreign films, resulting in a dynamic frenzy of percussion, brass, strings and lyrics that span the continents. (2207)

Pioneer Brass

Pipe Dreams

Pirate Jenny

Plaid Pantry Project
Made up of Portland veteran musicians...CD: 'Hit Songs from the Service Industry' (1998) (2216)


Point Five Past
Nothin` on the website... (4418)

With SubPop Records/Work Records (2227)

Portland Baroque Orchestra
'Dedicated to sharing with its audiences historically informed performances that bring alive the musical spirit of the period.' (2234)

Portland Gay Men's Chorus
Auditions second week of August annually. (3879)

Portland Lesbian Choir

Portland Pro Musica
An ensemble of the finest choral and solo voices in Portland, Oregon, committed to innovative programming of small-ensemble choral and vocal literature from all periods and styles. (2241)

Portland Taiko
Asian-American Drumming Group... (2246)

Portland Youth Philharmonic

Kate Power
Husband, Steve Einhorn (2254)

Puddletown Ramblers

Bernard Purdie
`The World`s Most Recorded Drummer` (Steely Dan, Aretha Franklin, Miles Davis, Roberta Flack, etc., etc.) (2280)

Puss Factor
a four song demo tape (will be released in April '96) (2284)

Quartette Barbette Saxophone Quartet
All women saxophone quartet performing eclectic styles including jazz, ragtime, klezmer, classical, swing, popular, and dance. (4460)

Rainy Day Recess
Unsigned, underworked, undermotivated but very good husband and wife and drum machine band. (2309)

Kimberli Ransom
CDs: `Living With Her Hair On Fire`, `Copperhead`. (2317)

CD: 'Totally Without Products' (1998) (3887)

The Rebels
Do the Lindy swing dance! 50's-60's dance music--shagadelic! (3888)

Red Madder
CD: 'Leverage' (1999) (3889)

Dan Reed
Fronted Dan Reed Network, now back in studio; CD: 'Untangled Day' (1999) [SEE G-13]; New manager of PDX nightclub Ohm... (3890)


Bill Rhoades & The Party Kings

Rhythm Jones

Richmond Fontaine
EP: 'El Cortez' (Undercover Records), CD: 'Miles From Safety' (Cavity Search) (2374)

River City Consort

Robert Rude Band
CD: Arcade, released Oct 1st (2392)

Rollin' Dolan
CD in the works at Opal Studios - could change your listening world! (4107)

Root 66

Rose City Chamber Orchestra
Seasonal concert series on a wide range of chamber music. (4489)

Rose City Gay Freedom Band
Fall rehearsals start in Sept. (2423)

Rose City Timberliners

Carol Rossio
CD: 'French Mix' (1998) - 'Edit Piaf meets acid jazz'... (2432)

The Rotating Leslies

CDs: "Simple" (1994), "Nosotros" (1995), "El Nino" (1998) (2441)

Brenna Sage
Classical and theatrical accompanist, arranger, composer, music transcription and transposition, audition coach. Plays with Tom Cheek in Phatt Cheeks. (2455)

Curtis Salgado
Durable R&B, blues, soul singer, harmonica man. CD: "Wiggle Outta This" (1999) (2461)

Jesse Samsel
Award-winning blues guitarist and songwriter. Plays internationally in the Terry Evans Band, and regionally in his own band (2466)

Samsonite & Delight-Ya
Botielus and Cybele strap on their red accordions to become this cheesy squeezin duo. Hilarity ensues, with audience participation on corn shakers and cheese giveaways! (2467)

Sanctimonious Pipsqueaks
Low Fi (2470)

Satan's Pilgrims

Satellite Heroes
The Satellite Heroes are an original female fronted pop/rock band based in Portland Oregon. Visit our website to check us out, fly our satellite, download our mp3 and win a "RIO" player! (4108)

The Sauce Unlimited

Sauvie Island Moon Rocket Factory
Dave and Linc are old hands at the Factory. Their first release, 'Super 8 Soundtrack' is available now. (2488)

Rob Scheps Core-tet
Tenor and soprano saxophonist, flutist and composer began studying the tenor saxophone at age nine. (2497)

Tim Schneider

Stephanie Schneiderman
Currently touring the Northwest college circuit, journeying as far north as Alaska and as Far East as Montana and Idaho. Formerly a member of Body and Soul, she`s been playing her acoustic soulful folk pop-rock for about a year and a half. (3910)

Alyssa Schwary
1992 'Another Chance'- jazz; 1995 'Bridges'- pop (2505)

Peter Schwimmer
I teach 5 string banjo, guitar, mandolin, electric bass, and fiddle, and am available for session work and playing with working groups. (3911)

Cal Scott Band

Janice Scroggins
Grammy nominee for Scott Joplin album (2512)

Second Self

CD: 'You're All I Need' (2530)

CD: 'Stand' - 1995 (2537)

CD: 'Humble Beginning' (2540)

Current band Shag... (2545)

The Shaven

Sheera Recordings
'Bringing you the best in Jewish music.' (2554)


silicon milk
10 years of recorded music... you will need the 'real player' to hear,but there's lots of art and word here as well. (3923)

Rainforest Records recording act. 'Hurry Home' Now available. (2584)

The SilverKings
'King City' 7-inch ep on KenRock Records. 'Warning...' 7-inch ep on GI Records. A cut on the 'Invasion of the Insectoids' compilation CD on GI Records. (2588)

Carol Sindell

Sinfonia Concertante Orchestra

Dev Singh

Vijay Singh
The recent recipient of an ASCAP Composer's Award, Vijay is an active member of ACDA, MENC, IAJE, ASCAP, and the National Association of Teachers of Singing. (2599)

CD: 'King Lighter Stealer' (2602)

Sky Blue Mind
Debut CD released Spring ''98. Available at most local outlets. (2616)

Margaret Slovak
CD: 'Undying Hope' (1998)...'If Bill Evans played guitar, he'd probably sound like Slovak.' (Cadence) (2622)

Slower Than
The Slower Than Site/Page Real Audio Clips, Bio, News, Pictures of the Portland, Oregon Indie Rock band named SLOWER THAN!!! (3927)

Doug Smith
CD: 'Labyrinth' (2638)

Elliott Smith
On Cavity Search Records; - Booked by Girlie Action out of NY: 212-334-3200...(formerly with Heatmiser) (3929)

Mary Smith

Smooch Knob
4 SONG EP OUT (2646)

Sno Bud & The Flower People
On Flying Heart Records (2655)

Mel Solomon
Dale Morris books, plays guitar (2667)

CD: 'Sone', Earth to Records (2670)

The Songcatchers
Native American music... (4496)

Spectator Pump

'Noisekore: Phase One' EP, september 97 (2699)

Spud Mountain
We play grizzly old dance tunes and sing grizzly old country and folk songs. (2704)

Stark Raving Mad
CD Due out in May of '97; 12/98: apparently this band has broken up... (2718)

Tony Starlight

Ron Steen

Dave K. Stewart & Zydeblazz
Does a mix of blues, zydeco, funk and R&B... (3941)

Eric Storm
Plays with Ken DeRouchie Band... (3943)

John Stowell

Straw Into Gold
Singing harmonies of the soul since 1993, the trademark of the trio is clear, precision harmony and a sweet blend. The trio`s repertoire ranges from trad folk to choral-like music. (2758)

Four song E.P., On The Vine (ready for harvest in late October) (2759)

Streetlight Fancies

Tom Stroud

Ward Stroud
Makes flutes (2763)

Stumptown Jazz

The Sugar Beets

'Radio Transport ...Are you Leaving?' is our first release on Saturns Records/Phsyco Pop Records. Dedicated to time travel and space exploration. (2786)

Surf Maggots
'The Ultimate Garage Band' (2787)

Surf Trio
If Dick Dale joined the Ramones... (2788)

Alt. rock band (2790)

Tomas Svoboda
Faculty at Portland State Univ. Music Dept. (2791)

CD: "SweetJuice" (1999) (4420)

Swingline Cubs
CD: "In Full Swing" (1999) avail. at Locals Only... (2806)

Swoon 23

Norman Sylvester

Sylvias Ghost
CD: 'Blue Highway' (enhanced); 7-inch EP 'My Little Shadow / The Cliche Song'; cassette EP 'Epidemic'; cassette 'Pink Tape' (2814)

Joan Szymko

Deb Talan
Fronts Hummingfish... (2821)

Tall Jazz
'Tall Jazz has produced a hefty body of classy jazz with consummate professionalism for the last seven years or more.' Willamette Week (2823)

Tao Jones

Tapestry String Quartet

Hollis Taylor


Team Dresch

Ten Dollar Mic

TENPIN plays rock; energy music for energy people. Influenced by the sounds of The Descendents, Dag Nasty and Samiam. Currently, the band is located in Portland Oregon and has recently released a full length CD "Universal" on PDX label Little Kid Records (4152)

The Thatchmasters

John Thayer
CD: 'Letting Go' (1998) 'Fine songwriting and outstanding melodic pop-rock performances...' (Owns office supply store in Portland). (2846)

The Cowtrippers

The Zero State



Third Angle New Music Ensemble

Thirty Ought Six
On Ruckus Records (2852)

Gwen Thomas

Just four normal guys united by a Universal Truth: Music is Life. Life is Good. (pass it on). (2867)

CD: 'Poor Little You', 'Fever Dream' (2869)

CDs: 'Black Top Open Road' (1996); 'Movable Feast' (1998) (2870)

No longer together, but recordings available... (2871)

Cronin Tierney
CD: "Special Mix" (1999) (4299)

Mary Sue Tobin

Bobby Torres
(formerly with Santana) (2905)

The Trenchcoats
hip, progressive a cappella. (4041)

The Tribulations
Portland rock with a midwestern sound.See our site for gigs, news, photos and links.You can have our guitars when you pry them from our cold, deadfingers. (2918)


John Trudeau

Twelve Gauge Band
We have a CD released with 10 songs of original material. A full performance schedule as well as song samples, merchandise ordering, booking info, pictures, lyrics, and bios are available at the site. (2939)

Two or More

UHF plays warm-hearted old school rock and roll... (3964)

Ultralust uses organic drums with separate electronic beats, electric guitar and bass overlaid with samples, from pop-rock songs to drum and bass with a twist. (3965)

Rock and Roll (2953)

A good band from Portland. (3968)

Unidentified Flying Lasagna

Steve Vaile
CDs: 'Point Alpha', 'Gemstone Butterfly', 'Angel'; Co-chair international marketing committee of NAIRD. (2967)

Val Gardena

Jeroan Van Aichen
PSA; MAH Recording Artist; CD: 'Floorboards' (1998) (2971)

Dale VanWormer Music
CD: "So Good" (1997), "Have a Harp-Style Christmas (1995) (3970)

The Vegas Beat
On Candy Ass Records (2984)


Leroy Vinnegar
671-6300 (F) (2996)

Violet Arcana

Vivian`s Keeper
lyrically-oriented, multi-instrumental acoustic duo, Joanna Agee and Adam Bentley. (4466)

Courtney Von Drehle
Plays in 3 Leg Torso and The Topiary Kings... (3007)

Bill 'Wah-Wah' Wagner

Waiting for Jim
Just released our first CD, 'As Usual', on MrC Records. We play Pop, 60's style. (3014)

Clifford W. Waits
Published author and over 30 years as a pro musician (3015)

Tom Wakeling
Mel Torme, Arturo Sandoval, Herb Ellis, and Mose Allison (3980)

Roots soul music...Otis Redding meets Joe Walsh at Keb Mo's house in Chicago... (3981)

Joseph Waters
Director of Electronic Music - Visiting Assistant Professor Lewis & Clark College, Portland, OR - Runs own recording studio... (5185)

The Weaklings

Gerald Webster
Faculty at Portland State Univ. Music Dept. (3052)

The Weevils


Anne Weiss
folk/blues/teaches vocals & guitar; CDs: 'Tommorrow's Gate', 'Crossing the Border' (3060)

Denise Westby
Pres. of Local 99 AFM, Portland. (4425)

Who's Driving

Sheila Wilcoxson
BAND: Backwater Blues (all acoustic) (3084)

Wild Cheetahs

Wild Dogs
Est. 1981 first to sign with Shrapnel, redefined metal local scene launched drummer Deen Castronovo (Ozzy, Journey) 1999 comeback tour new music & docuvideo available... (3086)

Lily Wilde
Blues band Ain''t Misbehavin'' and swing band, Her Jumpin'' Jubilee Orchestra. CD: "Insect Ball" (1999) (3088)

Jim Williams

The Willies

Ike Willis
Formerly with Frank Zappa (3105)

Charles Wilson
Musical arranger and co-producer on several Gospel Chior and CCM CD's. Experienced B3 player, sequencing and copyist work with computers. Touring experience. (3107)

Les Wilson
Considered the worst vocalist in Portland...on Folk You Records (3110)

Wolf Colonel

New album out August 1, 'He Was Not a Micromanager', featured in THE OREGONIAN, Friday, July 31st. (3129)

Written In Ashes
CD `Eternal` is available at your local reatailer. Cleopatra Records will be using the song `NightFeast` for an up coming compilation. New CD in March. (3133)

Mainstay of portland club scene for at least 10 years. 3 critically acclaimed, self produced CD's.visit our site to learn more. (3137)


Yamhill Suite Musicians Collective

Peter Yeates
Peter's New Album: 'Back In The Middle' is one of the finest Singer/Songwriter CDs in the Celtic Tradition (3139)

Larry Yes
Was with Hungry Mob. CD: 'Full On Toast'; Went solo in '97 with an acoustic CD, and band CD: "All Numbers are Mystical" (1999); "A gem of Portland, OR with passionate vocal stylings and emotive songwriting." (3142)

We have been described as a trippy experimental band, we have demo's avalible and sounds on our page. (3160)

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