Salutations from the Meermar Lineage!

As the Earth-Sol Mission reaches its crucial final years, the Meermar Lineage Earth Agent, is posting these debriefs on the planetary net as open public reports to the Galactic Federation.

These reports also serve as advisories to those who may perpetrate or consciously align themselves with dis-ordered consciousness. In that case, it is strongly advised to make a choice immediately as to your alliances. The polarity caused by the commisseration with Dark Matter Chaos, or the indecision and inaction toward Coherent Light, will cause undue suffering following the reading of these reports. DO NOT read these reports if your agenda includes enslavement of humans, plundering of planetary resources for personal gain, the intentional broadcast of mind control technologies, or frequencies intended to debilitate or disable.


June 10, 1986

June 8, 1987

October 8, 1990

December 27, 1992

January 7, 2000

August 10, 2000

August 18, 2001

December 12, 2003